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just venting!

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The mother of this particular patient was just extremely rude. From first day post op (I worked that night as well) to this am at the end of my shift, she was very passive aggressive, complaining about me to any other nurse that entered the room, on how I let the machine alarm all night, and that I had a different excuse every time the IV machine alarmed. I heard her on the phone screaming at someone, also saw her being rude to a visitor. In this situation there was not much I could do, but I did explain to the mother regarding the IV pump that it will alrm when the medications were complete, that it will alarm when it detects an air bubble in the line, and that it will alarm when it needs to reset the amount of fluid after a certain hour. All this explanation to the mother with no avail. I could see the situation escalating, therefore I informed the charge nurse, and I asked other co-workers to help me handle the situation. Since there was no threat of violence on the mother's side, except of complaint, I felt that security did not need to be called. During report, I introduced the mother and patient to the day RN, when doing so, the patient started complaining of pain, pain medications were offered, and when the day RN and myself went to the medication room to witness the morphine, and scan the medication on the medication computer, the mother calls again and starts complaining to another nurse that the child is in pain, and nothing is done. I felt so glad when I left the hospital this morning. Sometimes I feel that the parents have no respect for us RN's. I am a parent myself, so I know what it is like to be concerned regarding a child who is sick. But disrespect is disrespect. This mother could of had a consealed weapon on her and possibly could of hurt me if she was angry. I had parents be mad at me for machines alarming but never this bad.


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sorry you has a rough parent. its good to vent !

familes can be worse than the patients. we bend over backwards to please everyone, the patient and families, and for what? some people just like to complain.

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Some people are just born nasty. She must be one of them.:uhoh3:


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Some people are just born nasty. She must be one of them.:uhoh3:

Yeah, that happens.

Other times moms might be doing their best in a highly stressed situation and maybe their best includes very poor coping skills.

:yeah:Good for you, BumblebeeRN, for both enlisted your coworker's support and coming to a safe place to let off steam. Vent away!

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I could never work peds. Personally I am getting burned out on family members who are angry and frustrated that their loved ones are sick and who decide to take it out on the very people who are trying to help them.

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I absolutely love my pediatric patients, but this mom was from h, e, double hockey sticks!

I hope she's gone by next week!

On the other hand, I had another patient who was there without any visitors, and he was just an angel every time I was in the room with him. I put on a movie for him, and I said "oooh I really wanted to see this movie!" and he was just so sweet and said "you can sit here and watch it with me" and I said I couldn't because I had to give meds and see the other kids, and to tell me about the movie when the movie is over, and he did! God bless his little heart. That made me feel really good. :)


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