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Just took my NCLEX...265 questions :(

by NurseCarson NurseCarson (New) New

New to site, took my NCLEX this morning. I did the HURST review and felt confident after graduating at top of my class and working so hard the last few years. I got so anxious and stressed during the exam, especially after it went passed 75 questions, and once it hit 150 questions, I literally fell apart and felt so dumb. :( I tried the Pearson Vue trick and it confirmed my thoughts of how I failed.

Going to try again in August. I don't think I have ever been this sad/depressed.

Right there with you-took mine sunday all 265 and got confirmed didnt pass yesterday :-( im sorry hun i know it hurts

Well don't count yourself out of the game until you get the official results.

So let's look at how you prepared for NCLEX. Have you heard of Kaplan? They are (in my opinion) harder then NCLEX. The goal is to make 60-65% on their tests. They offer a "Decision Tree" and you can take a live online review with a instructor and other students. They walk you through how to use the decision tree and that may work for you. It also may not.

I never found the Kaplan tree helpful. But I think that's because I already had good test taking ability.

PM your email and I'll send you over the PDF of the Kaplan Tree.