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Hey guys, i just took my nclex this afternoon and finished at exactly 75 questions, finished in about 100 minutes. Did the PVT trick and i am getting the good pop up...in terms of content, i got a lot of SATA's, i would say about 30, a little mixture of everything. Had no med math, no audio, had one arranging the steps, and one ekg (pretty easy). Also, i had one psych question, and a few of everything. I was surprised i didn't get any ABG's or med math or audio. I felt decent taking it, and my main focus during the test was: safety and how am i going to keep my patients alive today. KNOW infection control and vaccines. Hopefully, i can say i passed officially in a couple of days.

I will say that the drive back home was the worst drive i ever had in my life. I was numb, felt depressed, and didn't know if i passed. But for those of you there prepping for the boards, my advice is that you shouldn't memorize things, just know (understand your conditions), i didn't any lab values on my exam, and i didn't care because i felt confident and the test is designed not to trick you but to see how you can notice things without them telling you what it is...for example, if your patient has threatened suicide, you don't need the question to tell you that you should be focused on safety.

For my preparation, i took the hesi late march, got a 1080, used the hesi book for that. Prior to the hesi, did about 2100 questions. After passing the hesi, i relaxed,finished my semester and prepped for boards after graduating in may. I used Saunders 5th edition for content review, used nclex 4000, used hesistudy.com, and lacharity. I swear by lacharity. If you can get over 75% on lacharity, you'll be fine, the questions in the book are harder than the actual exam.

Also, PLEASE focus on relaxation, don't rush, take your time and THINK!!! If you are anxious, it will mess you up. My advice: take a deep breathe before question one, and after every 20 questions. Don't cram, you'll fail because its an adaptive test, and if your getting a lot of SATA's consider yourself in the green zone. And you will see medications that you have never seen in your life before. If you guys have any questions, feel free to let me know and i'll do my best....good luck to those of you who are taking it. Stay focused and blessed.

wow thanks for sharing!

im using the exact same materials, saunders 5th, pda, nclex 4000, and a study guide from school

i test in august, and feel so stressed and unprepared even with this studying!

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Thanks ortizz184, dont feel too stressed, you have more than enough time and all you need to do is put in the work and effort, dont give up. And also do some type of meditation or relaxation as you approach test day...you may need it to calm your nerves as you are about to test.

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