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Just took NCLEX PN yesterday!! Help I’m stressing over these 48 hrs. Does PVT actually work?

by guest1160447 guest1160447 (Member)

So I’m new here . 
Hi guys!

I’ve been out of school for some years and yesterday I faced one of my fears and took my NCLEX for the 2nd time yesterday. It cut off at 145 questions and I swear half of my exam was literally SATA 😩😩 

I’ve never tried the PVT but I tried it after getting a confirmation email and I got a bad pop up I think. It let me go to the end and took my card info but it didn’t charge my card anything. My nerves are bad. Has anyone ever got a bad pop up on PVT and still passed? My nerves are so bad 😅

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What exactly do you mean that it took  your credit card info but didn't charge you anything?

To be clear - you must enter credit card info and hit the submit button.. you are then looking for a message at the top of the screen that indicates that you cannot have another open registration. Something to the effect of "our records indicate you have currently have an open registration another cannot be made at this time." 

This is considered the "good" pop up.. if you get a message that your credit card has been declined or the credit card information is incorrect .. or it charges you for another exam.. this is considered the "bad" pop up.