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My class just took hesi this past week. From what i'm hearing, about 33 % didn't pass hesi. I did pretty good (over 900) considering the scores i got after first year hesi (low 600). It's impossible to study for hesi. I had a saunders nclex book and it helped me out, maybe 30%. I did do about 4000 questions out of the saunders CD. What the CD taught me was how to eliminate answers and focus on the 2 most correct answers, and from those 2 to pick one. Hopefully the rest of my classmates can pass on their next try and hopefully nclex boards make more sense than hesi.



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That is great that you passed Congrats! I just took mine as well (passed thankfully) but 13 out 40 of my classmates did not. Thankfully, they give you a second try. If you don't pass then, you have to repeat fourth semester! That test is so stupid it makes me want to scream!


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thanks, and congrats to you too. we have about 30 students in our class, and about 10 failed. we have a total of 3 chances to pass. the school still allowed those that failed hesi to walk for graduation. they just have to eventually pass it. i'm just glad that i know i graduated from nursing school and never have to do it again EVER! until my i go for my BSN, which shouldn't be as bad. ;)


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Yep - I passed the ualr hesi on first try, also. Now I'm bored to tears waiting on a temp license, att, something!!! I am sooo ready to start work!

You know, it's funny. For the last week, I've sat straight up in bed at 4 a.m. thinking I forgot to finish a careplan, or I am about to oversleep from clinical. Twice I've carried my med surge book into the living room to sink into the recliner with it, only to realize I don't have to read it.

I think I'm suffering from PTSD, haha.

Congrats to all the UALR accelerated grads that were able to pass HESI on first try; Good luck to those that are taking it again next month!



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congats to everybody! Hesi scares me to death!


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i am in the ualr accelerated program right now and i am little worry about i am in mental health it seems like we gone a lose more people any suggestion please


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study study study, listen to recordings of lectures, get with groups and study. it's do-able. mental health is not the hardest part of the program ( behind peds/ob/and critical care ), if you struggle with it, then you'll really struggle with the rest. buckle down and stay focused.

I take my Hesi tuesday and i am sooo nervous. . I have been trying to do the questions from my Hesi book and i hvae been doing awful. . Is the Hesi test similar to the Hesi questions on the cd?


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The hesi test is like no other test you have taken, neither is it like any test you will take, and this include state boards. The advise I can give you is to stay focused, and relaxed. You have just completed an entire program, you know the stuff, even if the question seems strange and it will, just focus. Think about it, you have done tones of questions; you have studied endlessly, Now take that HESI by force let Hesi know that you mean business. Go over your systems and disease process for each system, make sure you reivew fundies, its a lot of fundies on the hesi and you cant diffirentiate between fundies and med surg. Make sure you have a clear understanding of dosage calulation. It was a question on the hesi I took about gallstones and what foods to avoid, well the answer was milk shake. You had to know that with gallstones you suspose to avoid milk products. The test is crazy but doable, Get the saunders book. May GOD Bless you.

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