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Just a quick thanks

by scottaprn scottaprn (Member)

I just wanted to post a quick thank you to all the recovery nurses that post here.

Though I have no personal experience I have a non-nursing friend who is now 90 days clean.

I have learned so much from you guys and gals about the recovery process from reading the post here. This has helped me to be a better friend and supporter of this individual in her efforts.

Your willingness to share and support each other- well it just basically rocks and I wanted to let you all know the ripple effect it has had.

Thank you for all you have taught me.

Now is your time to give back if you find a nurse in recovery be a supporter, we need to quit eating our young and old or disabled in nursing .

Thank you thank you for that acknowledgement. I am certain any nurses you work with who have a history of substance abuse are grateful for you. It's one thing that we accept one another, it is another to have society accept us. Your insight, love, and acceptance are worth more than gold to us, I assure you!

If I have learned anything over the past few months it is that people aren't disposable and everyone can earn another chance.

I will always accept those who need acceptance and help anyone I can. I will always respect the bravery of someone who meets life's challenges head on.

Uhm...you might be my new favorite person:)

Thanks ;). But you guys taught me the lessons I needed to learn.

My friend told me last night that I saved her life by standing beside her when everyone else left. She said that was when she had the biggest urge to relapse.

In between a couple tears I thought of you all. You taught me how to be firm without being judgemental and how to help without enabling.

So let me say from the bottom of my heart what nurses don't hear as often as they should-"Thank you nurses for saving my friends life".