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I work on a med-surg floor, yes it's busy, challenging and mentally and physically demanding. I have been nursing for 3 years and working in the hospital for a little over a year. I started taking courses but find the hands on training most beneficial to my practice. I am continually learning something new everyday, and I truly love it. Do I know everything? Absolutely not!!

When I first started working on the floor, I began making friends everyday, everyone seemed so open minded and welcoming. When I needed help I wasn't intimidated in asking anyone. Recently the rumor is "the floor has changed... it's the worst it's been in 5 years". I can't honestly say the support isn't there when I need it, but can I rely on everyone to support me in a critical event? No... Do I feel judged after a critical event and the outcome isn't good for the patient? YES! I recently felt scrutinized after a patient was sent out to another facilities ICU, did I do the best job possible? Did I catch the problem quick enough? Walking on the floor to have a co-nurse immediately tell me .."oh that patient died BTW". That hurt. I worked the rest of my shift, kept those feelings to myself to come home and cry. Now I sit here wondering can I do this all over again.....

I previously had people adding me to social media accounts, and now I don't want them in my outside life. I don't feel like they support me, I don't trust them with my secrets or stories, because I know if "something juicy" came up it would spread like wild fire through the floor even hospital. I've deleted people, panicked and got rid of the social media accounts fearing the repercussions of it.

I just want the professional, respectful and positive relationship with my co-workers. I want to know that if I am running around I can turn around and "Ashley" will be running to the supply room grabbing the IV kit to start the new IV needed on the patient quickly declining. I want to know that in times of need the support is there, not sitting in the hallway chit-chatting about a new home purchased... and I don't want it to come down to RN-RPN.... Just last night I walked in the break room to hear "Oh I'm just an RPN"....

Work is becoming more and more difficult. The rapport on the floor is poor, cliques are forming and I am backing away as quickly as I can. I enjoy the daily challenges, but I can't defeat them on my own, and I don't expect anyone else to either.


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I previously had people adding me to social media accounts, and now I don't want them in my outside life.
Is there any way you can block or unfriend these individuals?

I never mix up my personal life and professional life. I always keep it separate, coworkers unfortunately can't be trusted.

Just last week a coworker showed the staff another coworkers Facebook since he was the only person on the unit he added. To me, there was a reason he did not want the other coworkers added! Now everyone on the unit got to see what he posted from this coworker he thought he could trust.

I work in a unit filled with cliques. Always talking about the rest of the staff. I stay to myself and NEVER EVER discuss anything personal. I keep everything work related. If you need help at work, you should know who to turn to. There are certain nurses I would never ask for help, I've seen how it can turn on you.

We had a nurse that needed help inserting a Foley for the first time last night, asked the wrong nurse who not only criticized him in the worst way but also let everyone on the unit what he did and how "stupid" he is. It happens frequently on my unit. It is unprofessional and so not helpful. Big surprise we have a high turn over and a big issue is.....how the staff are treating new hires.

Learn from this, you hear secrets and stories on your unit. Do not share anything personal with anyone on the unit.clearly they can't be trusted. Also pay attention to those nurses that are always making negative comments about ppl, those are the ones I would stay far away from.

If you have fellows or residents that frequently round maybe you can ask them to explain certain things you don't understand, read nursing forums, videos on procedures you may not understand before asking someone else if you have time.

We all want this positive relationship with coworkers but there are unfortunately very bitter, negative people that also become nurses.

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Your workplace started off being supportive to you, but now it isn't? What changed? Was there a change in management? I wouldn't write this off as one of the mysteries of life. There's more to this story.


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