Just moved to Virginia, new RN grad with no experience



I graduated in May and passed my board last month. I moved to Hampton in June and still pretty new to the area. I am applying pretty much all around Hampton Roads hospitals, home care, etc and turned down 3 times so far due to having no experience. I have no medical background or any kind of experience. I am already getting pretty discouraged.

I am trying to find some long term care/nursing home but since I am not very familiar with the area, I am only googling. (I went to school in another state) Any suggestions?

Thank you very much...

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Bon Secours will hire New Grads all the time. You may have to drive to Mary View, Depaul, or Mary Immaculate though. My hospital Chesapeake Regional only hires New Grads once a year and it has already passed.


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Hello New Grad,

I am in your same position. I graduated in May but I am still studying for my boards that I will be taking in September. I have applied pretty much everywhere and have been turned down for my lack of experience as well. I am waiting until I take my boards to move out to Virginia Beach area. There are so many hospitals around this area and so many job postings so I am hoping to hear back from some HR people. It is so frustrating just sitting around praying for someone to look at my application. How long have you been applying?