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Just keep waiting or remind him?

I am extending my contract for 3 weeks. Recruiter sent me the new contract, I did not sign it because I wanted him to change my hours from 40/wk to 36/wk....and I wanted it on the contract that I will not be expected to work a full 36 my last week and will not be penalized since my last day falls on a Wed. Recruiter said he would change the contract and assured me that I will not be penalized (charged) if I do not work 36 my last week. He sent me a revised contract at 0800 this morning and the only change was the from 40 to 36hr/wk request. I immedietely replied that I didnt see any notation about the final week deal. He responded back that he forgot andwill send again. Its been 8 hours since then, havent heard back. I know he is busy, but I am hoping this goes thru, not sure why this is taking so long.

icuRNmaggie, BSN, RN

Has 24 years experience. Specializes in MICU, SICU, CICU.

It should have a start date and an end date.

It def has a start/end date. The next paragraph is about working the full 36 or more hours for the entire contract or I will be charged 17/hr for any hours not worked. I do not want to get hit with unexpected fines if I do not work 36hrs my final week since my last day is on a Wed. I trust that everything would be fine, but Ive learned that everything needs to be on contract. I feel like Im being nitpicky for asking him to revise it again, but I am just looking out for myself.

icuRNmaggie, BSN, RN

Has 24 years experience. Specializes in MICU, SICU, CICU.

are you working 36 hrs between Sun. Mon. Tues or Wed of that week

I dont know. I have no control over my schedule. I hope to work the 36 between thise days but I may not be scheduled to work those hrs in that timeframe.

You have two weeks, no reason to stress. Your manager wants you, right? Your recruiter will come through. It is not uncommon for recruiters to deal with crises varying from last minute submission problems, bad job performance (usually behavioral) to hours long phone calls with new travelers. Just like nurses, recruiters prioritize and this extension is a low priority as all parties have already agreed to it. This is just putting that agreement in writing. I'd give him some slack and remind him again by email tomorrow late.

He is probably also right that they will not penalize you, but it is nice to have that in writing. I'd take an email on that issue as settled, no need to rewrite the contract over it. One way to expedite this is clearly write in an email what exactly you would like him to agree to, and have him simply reply by email with agreed. Then he doesn't have to jump through hoops with his managers about contract changes and you have him on the record.

Oops, sorry. Just read last day is tomorrow? So that adds some urgency and should take higher priority. Still, the email suggestion may make short work of the problem.


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