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I just got offered an LVN position at Soledad on Friday. I am waiting for my packet to come in the mail so I can get all the details, get it sent back and get my start date. Does anyone know what the dress code is there for nurses? And any other tips from people who work there or another facility, I would appreciate them!


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How long did you wait after applying to get an interview?


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By the way, I have the dress code policy I just haven't read all the file. I know you're not allowed to wear blue or orange scrubs?

Eirene, ASN, RN

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I try to stay away from navy blue (crypts), orange (the color of I/M jumpuits), or red (bloods) scrubs. If I wear the colors, it will be in scrub pants with a top that has another design.

My tip: practice your poker face! You'll see and learn so much.


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LOL - like the 'poker face' comment - so true! Colors are important and different depending on the prison/jail system. In NJ we couldn't wear tan/khaki as that was the inmate clothing color. Many wear street clothes with lab coats. Every place is different so you are wise to read the dresscode or get specifics from someone working your facility. Kudos on the position - hope you become one of us who love the specialty!


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I like the poker face comment too! Thanks for the info on the dress code, I will be sure to ask next week when I go in to take the rest of my paperwork back. I am excited to get started and I do hope I like it too. Everybody on here who works at prisons seems to love it so I can't wait.

Work & Play, sorry I havn't been on here long enough to email you back so I am answering you here.

I completed the quiz I guess you would call it and got my score months ago, like May/June at least. This is the first inquiry I have gotten and I got that in August with a return date of 9/1, got the interview paperwork about 2 weeks later. My interview was 10/7 and it was 10/26 when they called to offer me the position. I was really shocked that it happened so fast after I got the inquiry.


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Thanks! It seems like a heck of a LONG process. So, I shouldn't wait for any responses any day soon. I'll probably get something untill next year.

Anyway, congratulations!!! I know you'll enjoy your job! Keep us posted.



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It is a long process but I will keep my fingers crossed for you!


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Thank you! I hope I get something in the carrectinal facility by my house. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.:cheers:


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Congrats on the job offer!.

I was offered a position as a safety LVN position in September. I am in my 4th week of orientation at RJD myself...your packet will contain a physical and TB form which has to be reviewed and accepted by the CMO, a questionare requesting you to list (in months) how long and where you've practiced, a letter informing you of the current furlogh reduction in pay of about 14%, and a few others. It will not contain salary information.

Your orientation will take place on 2nd and 3rd watches and should include a week of new hire State employee orientation (not medical related).

The uniform is scrubs of any color except blue shades and orange. Go with anything else other than blue is my best advice. I think the new hire orientations take place on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month.

Shoot me questions if you like....happy to answer anything you can think of....Best of luck to you!


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I loved working in the prison I just did not like our DON. I gained so much experience there including lab draws and to listen when an inmate turns their arm over and says here (and shows you a teeny weenie spot on the back of his arm) is the only spot you will get blood:D. Keep an open mind to learning and the options are endless. For the most part inmates are respectful since they are clean and sober. The ones to watch carefully are the new intakes that can be high on something when they come in. For dress code really avoid all solid color uniforms as the gangs all have "colors" and inmates wear solid colors for the most part. K9 are trained to go for those specific color and they are vicious with their bites (yeah I saw a few of them on the butt) So just stick to the dress code policy and if in doubt dont wear it.

Other bits of advice: Officers like to be called officers not guards. They can be your best friend or your worst enemy but are there to keep safety. If an officer says you cannot do something dont do it. Inmates have all the time in the world to think and yes they can use anything to cause havoc. Gum to keep the cell doors from locking, toilet paper to clog toilets, latex gloves for a homemade gun the list goes on and on. Just never get comfortable and you will be fine.

Good Luck and enjoy it as I did the short bit of time that I worked there


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Was there any way you could have transfer to another facility without having to resign?