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Just got hired into peds!


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I wanted to drop in and say hi. I graduate on Aug 1 and just landed a job on the peds unit for after grad. I saw the question about being hired directly into peds as a new grad, but didn't want to hijack, so thought I'd start my own. :chuckle

I'm completing a 12 month 2nd degree accelerated BSN program and we've done nearly nothing with peds. We had our classes of course, but no clinical rotations through peds. I have been working at this hospital as a tech on other floors, which helped me, and we had a clinical rotation on the urology portion of this floor so I'd worked with some of the staff on the peds unit then. But basically she hired me cold, and on the spot. I think she realized from our interview that this is really where I want to be. Ultimately I'd like to move to NICU, but that requires a move to a larger city as there's not a true nicu unit close to me. This is a great start for me and just what I was hoping for. Now I can't wait to be done!

Lisa--peds nurse in 7 weeks.:yeah:


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Good for you! Congratulations and good luck as you tackle the last of school and take boards. You're almost there! Peds is wonderful, can't imagine doing anything else.


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Awesome! Congrats!


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:yeah: Congratulations! :yeah:

This makes me feel a lot better! I am also in an accelerated second degree program (graduating in August) and I only want to work in peds. Are you on a general peds floor?


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Yes, it's a general peds floor. Unfortunately I'm not close enough to a children's hospital to be able to hire on at one at this point, and not in a position to move just yet. So even though it's peds, I'll also have to work some adult med-surge, primarily urology and telemetry overflow. But I tend to see that as a plus, because I get the peds that I want and also have the opportunity for training and strengthening my adult skills just in case.

Good luck on your program. Are you guys as overwhelmed at this point as we are? Feel free to PM me if you'd like to chat.


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Are you guys as overwhelmed at this point as we are?

haha ridiculously! although, it got a lot better once spring semester ended. fall and spring were crazy, but luckily the summer classes are a little lighter. although in leadership right now it seems like everything is happening too fast and we have too much work and not enough time and it's making me quite stressed. i just keep telling myself, it's almost over, i've come this far, i can do it... only two more months. :yeah:

Would you be willing to share what your pay is being started out at? I just posted my story about my peds interview yesterday. I would love to do it and am confident I will get the second interview. I did not bat an eye when she said the pay would start around $11. I figured I should be offered the job first and then negotiate. Just curious what is normal starting pay in this environment and trying to do a little research before my next interview. thanks and congrats on your new job! amanda


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I went and checked out your post. My starting pay is higher, but your situation is different. I'll be an RN, and I know LPNs do start lower. Plus, I'm in a hospital, and I know the peds offices around here pay less than the offices. Still, I think it's a bit low. I think starting LPN pay around here is more in the $14 ballpark you mentioned, but that's hospital, not clinic.

Good luck. If they aren't offering you enough, you'll have to balance pay with other benefits and decide whether you need to move on to the next opportunity. I could drive another hour and make about $7 more an hour than I'll be getting, but there are more issues to consider, so it was enough for me for now. Only you will know what is the right offer for you.

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Hi I'm also a new grad starting in Peds. I graduated from a diploma RN program and start in Aug on a adolescent unit. I'm very excited about learning about alot of the pediatric illnesses and norms. A little nervous about boards and all the responsibilty I will now have, but I can't wait!:D

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