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I WAS ACCEPTED!!! OMG I am so happy. This has been a dream of mine for three years now. Sorry for the last post but I guess its not worth answering.

Thanks everyone:D


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I was accepeted to a two year adn program.I was so excited I left that out.


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It now sounds like you know which way to go!!!!!!!


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Congrats' RHONA.

You mentioned concern about your math skills in you last post. Don't sweat the math stuff. I've found most colleges have free tutoring/ math help sessions to help you through. The colleges actually want you to succeed!! (it looks really bad to have a high failure rate!) Take advantage of any help they have to offer.

You'll quickly get to know the math you use everyday- drug and iv calculations for example. I have not had to find the square root of anything or refer to pi on the job yet!!

May I ask what school you were accepted to?

Best of luck to you!!


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:) CONGRATS to you, rhona1 !!!! I know what a relief it is!!! As my favorite nursing instructor said to me, " Your back is gong to hurt, your feet are going to hurt, and you are going to have the time of your life!'' Let the games begin!!!:cool:


You, like us, are meant to do this in life. Hold on for the ride of your life! Prepare to experience every emotion known to woman, and more. You have chosen the most truly rewarding and noble profession. Good Luck.


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Congrats and Best Wishes for Sucess! I am also waiting to hear for an acceptance into a 2-year ADN. I know what you've been going through ... all the waiting and wondering, as well as hovering over your telephone and mailbox - ha! Its torture. I figure I should know in a few days (I couldn't help myself ... I had to call the school and see if they sent the letters yet!)


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Yeah!!!! Rhona!!!!:roll



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Congrats!!! Good luck!!!


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CONGRADULATIONS!!!!! ;) I am excited for you, it is nice to see this kind of enthusiasm!! Good-luck to you, sounds like you will do very well.



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OHHH i remember that exciting feeling when i got accepted to RN school...in 1995, so many applied and only a few got in. it was the best. ** *******CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU*************

and welcome to the nursing profession...we are glad you are joining us!

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