Just got my acceptance letter!!


Hello everyone,

Yesterday, I got my acceptance letter into the nursing program at my local community college!

I was so freaked out. Even though I have been slowly taking prereqs for 2 yrs and finally decided to take the plunge and submit my application, I am sooooooooooo scared.

Like a lot of you here I am a SAHM, who also works from home doing transcription, with 3 kids ages 11, 6 and 3. A few pluses are that I have almost all of my prereqs done. Taking my Humanities elective in Summer I and then only have Statistics left, which I am planning on doing online, either in September or next summer. Anybody have any thoughts about which time might be easier and less stressful, lol??

Another positive is that that there are 2 sections of the clinical being offered on Saturdays, so no babysitter issues as my husband will be home and covering that aspect. I will have to worry about what to do with the 3-year-old for the lecture hours during the week and perhaps the oldest child coming home from school before class is over, sigh, sigh. How do other Moms out there in the same situation do it? I really haev noone to rely on; all my family either works during the day or have their own families to tend with, and the few neighbors too have little ones.

Anyway, I am trying to not let that dampen my excitement, but still hoping that I can stand the pressure. My plate is pretty full now as it is, that I am afraid this might be too much. Any words of wisdom or suggestions gladly appreciated.

Congratulations to all of those accepted and also to those working their butts off in preparation :)



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Hey Kim,

Hang in there and I'm sure you're going to do fine! I would probably take my stats course over the summer so that I could devote my time during to Nursing classes the other semesters. I've been in a class with several mothers during my time at nursing school, and honestly they usually do better than the rest of the other students!!! Congratulations on your admission and just remember to take deep breaths and remember, it'll all be over in 2 years!!!! You can do it!


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:balloons: :balloons: First of all CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

I understand how scared you are! I can't apply until this September for Spring acceptance ( by then I will have all my pre-reqs done) and I am freaking out already! Ha ha! I have kids, too, and I'm a single mom ( well I do have a boyfriend so that helps) and scheduling is going to get soooo crazy when this all occurs. I was a SAHM for 6 years and now I still am at home I just work from my house...so I understand! Basically what I am going to have to do is have my kids go to after-school care for an hour or so before I get there. The schedule looks like I will be out from 7-3 and they get out at 3:30...so they will go to afterschool care until I can get to the school.

You can do it! CONGRATS!

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A big congrats to you! Yay! Way to go on your acceptance.

I am awaiting my acceptance or rejection letter from my local college, too. We should be getting them in the next few weeks, for a Fall 2005 start date. I am so nervous and think about it every moment of every day, it seems like. I am finishing up my pre-reqs with micro, physio and history this semester. I will probably take a humanities during the summer to get it out of the way, since it is needed for my AS degree, but NOT to get into the program itself.

I am also a SAHM that has done medical transcription for several years. I pretty much started doing my pre-reqs full-time last January, so I haven't done a whole lot of transcription at all. I wanted to focus on my studies. I have two daughters, ages 11 and 4 and my youngest will enter preschool part time in the fall and we have my mother-in-law to watch her when she's not in school.

I just CANNOT wait to get my letter so I know one way or the other!

Good luck to you!


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Congratulations, Kim!!


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I got my letter today! I sure am thrilled. I am not worried about regular child care as my kids are school age, I am worried about when they're sick. I have read horror stories on this board about some instructors who aren't reasonable about missed clinicals. I hope things work out, as I don't have any relatives even in this state.


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Congragulations! Good Luck to you!

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