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Just found out that one of the residents is staying in the facility for free

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I work in a ltc facility as an Cna and I am currently in school for my lpn. I have just found out that one of the residents are staying in the facility for free and it has upset me because we have asked for raises and we're unable to get them because they said we did not have enough residents to pay for our raise. The facility a couple miles away pays 2 dollars more an hour. I am wondering how to deal with this? Is it legal to have us working with a person and unable for us to make money off of them since they are staying for free? It's not a probable about giving the care because that is what we are their for us to help people but is a person that is on the call light every 30 minutes and the family gets in your face and cusses or has tried to make many people get fired or unable to go into the room.

Are you sure this resident is actually staying for free and not on medicaid?

Yes we were told

That is very unusual. There must be more to the story that they aren't telling you. Its not common for CNAs to know the payer source of residents. And a lot of times the nurses don't know that information either. Its really not needed (unless residents are on medicare A) to do the job. Payer source definitely doesn't change a CNAs work with a resident. If I were you, I wouldn't worry about. Just take care of them like everyone else.

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I'm sure the facility is being reimbursed somehow. It's likely those telling you "he's staying here for free" don't know the full story any more than you do.


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I agree, I'm certain there is more to the story then "they are staying for free". Besides, even IF they were, I would consider it very unprofessional for someone to be discussing a resident's source of payment with the nurse's aides.

Ok thanks I have recently moved to this state for my school and was just wondering since I will be graduating this semester

One has to take what is said and analyze it. There are many people that feel if a patient has Medicaid or some other form of government insurance that they are getting free care and look down upon those patients. Could the person that said the patient gets "free" care is upset about the type of insurance the patient has?

You can be rest assured that even if the patient paid for their care in a different manner that you would still not receive a raise. Raises do not hinge upon 1 patient's payment. CNA's, LPN's and RN's should not concern themselves with the form of payment that a patient will be giving. Patients deserve your best care.... As for the family members, considering that there are rumors about the patient, there is no doubt that someone in the family has overheard conversations about their loved one. Yes, they need to be respectful but so does the medical staff. And rumors about the patient's payment methods or lack thereof, is not respectful. Trying to forget what you have heard about the patient and just remember that they need your help could be helpful.

Also, if your facility is not paying adequately maybe it is time to move on. But if you are in school, working somewhere that might work with your school schedule might be more valuable than an extra $2 hour.


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Is this company a non-profit? I work for a non-profit hospice company that provides millions of dollars in charity care every year. Lots of people stay in our inpatient units or get care from our nurses in their homes for free.