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Just done with Lpn program... Need help.

Maryann28 Maryann28 (New) New

0Hi, I just finished the program in March and have not scheduled a test date yet... I'm worried and scared to even schedule just because I don't feel confident about my knowledge although I'm trying my best to study... I need advice on how to study for nclex. I'm using Uworld and Saunder's. Do you still read content or do you just keep answering questions?

You should initially review core content and then do lots and lots and lots of practice questions. Personally, I can read several chapters in a day, but if I were asked a specific question on that content maybe a few hours later or a day later... I'd probably be like "Man, I just read that chapter! I should know it but I can't recall it."

The problem with continuously reading content is that it can be difficult to retain all that information, but even then, you also have to APPLY that knowledge in an exam question. That's why it's VERY important to practice as many questions you can do because you do not know what you do not know until you come across questions that you thought you knew but actually didn't know too well.

I did probably a good 4000 practice questions studying for my NCLEX RN. It definitely helped me.

Thank you so much for responding. I will definitely do that.