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Abig hello to everyone, I see there are alot of RN students on the site and I was just wondering , what the cost of a 4year nursing program runs? I am talking straight tuition and books not including accomodations. I also wondered if their are many MATURE students still enrolling.:rolleyes:


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But I would say by the end it will be $20-25 grand, not including accomodations. Tuitions rise every year, and textbooks change over the course of a program so it's hard to pinpoint a cost.

I'm 35, and supposedly mature. :roll And there are a few other mature students in my class. We have a good blend of young and older students in our group.


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I agree about the cost... my tuition this year is $5000, and it keeps going up each year. Books are also expensive, but I've found as the years go by, I need to buy less books.

In my program, there's a few "mature" students. A lot of the older students go in the fast-track program, and finish in (i think) 2-3 years. They have their own tutorial groups so the rest of us don't see them much. To be in the fast-track program, you have to have done some university beforehand. Then they don't take the non-nursing electives during their nursing education.

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