Just accepted a position as a Care Manager. What is the actual difference between Care and Case manager?

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I really can't find a clear answer about the difference between what a care manager does and what a case manager does.

I don't have experience in either one, I just accepted an offer for a hybrid care manager position (some days remote and some days out in the field). It's for the MLTC (Medicaid) Managed Long Term Care program.

Not sure what to expect - would appreciate any replies on what I could expect and what the difference is between "care" and "case".


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I am a case/care manager for a Medicaid market. The term is used interchangeablly where I work. Some management may use the term Care Manager and some may say Case Manager. Either term used you will be providing care to your patients to help lower overhead costs and also work on care plans to decrease admissions.

Congratulations on your new career path. You will do great 😊

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