Junior scrubs with 26in inseam?


Guys, I need help. I am 5'1" and 106 pounds and everything looks like a potato sack on me. I am looking for scrub pants in a junior fit (I am 20 years old) and I am a 26 inch inseam. I ordered petite scrub pants with a 29 inch inseam and I was stepping all over them, even with my shoes on. I have gotten scrub pants hemmed in the past but they always come out looking awkward. I just keep thinking: there HAVE to be more people out there struggling with the same issue. I know I'm not the only person who is 5'1" and who wants scrubs with a bit of shape to them. What do you guys do about this? I am so uncomfortable at work. Please help!!

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Jaanuu is super cute, a bit pricey but I do see all the models as very thin and they are slim fit. Well some styles I mean.

Honestly just go on instagram and look up scrubs, there are so many companies now a days that we don't see in stores sometimes.

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"junior" fit does not apply to age, but proportions. good luck on your search.

I share your proportions (maybe 5-10 lbs heavier) and I buy extra smalls. My Cherokees are a tiny bit too long, but they still work okay. My other scrubs are Koi and Gray's Anatomy and they fit well. I also make sure to buy tops with a fitted waist, so there is less of a potato sack look. Also shoes that give a little height are good. I don't mean heels obviously, but some shoes can give you an extra inch and some can't.

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I'm a bit smaller than you, but I absolutely swear by Cherokee 4020P, I wear size XXSP. They are much smaller than all other Cherokee styles I have tried, and they are essentially the only scrub pants I can wear with sneakers instead of clogs. For reference, Grey's Anatomy XXSP are both too long and too large for me. I mention that only because a lot of petite people mention the Grey's Anatomy scrubs but I find they are just too big. I have also tried HeartSoul scrubs before, and they can be quite tiny and short, definitely a juniors cut. I prefer the 4020P because they still fit a bit baggy on me (I don't like fitted scrubs), but not they're ill proportioned and they're not too long.