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Hi, everyone!

I'm a junior in Nursing (obviously :) ) at Murray State. I'm getting ready to start a 7 week L&D/Postpartum clinical. I'm really excited, because I've had 2 kids, nursed for 3 yrs ea., and loved the experience. I've always wanted to be on the other side, where I could see what was going on. I just think birth is the greatest marvel there is (sorry about the juvenile enthusiasm..:) ).

Anyway, here's my question:

If I was coming onto YOUR floor, what would you want me to do/know/not do? (aside from clean up my own messes, don't mouth off & all the other basics..). I really want to learn & do well, so please help. Since nobody can respond these days, please just email me @ [email protected]

Thanks, guys :)



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Please be interested in the area of L&D. It is frustrating to have students that do not really care about what you are trying to help them learn.

Know your basics. Ask question and listen to the answers. You would be surprised how many people ask a question and then do not really want to listen.

Actually I love students that want to learn OB. It is a fascinating, dynamic area. I love to teach monitor strip interpretation (it is my speciality).

Remember that you really have 2 patients (Mom and that "invisable" patient, the baby). They both need your care and attention.

If an emergency arises help if you can or stay clear if you can not help. That does not mean leave. You can learn a lot by just watching what happens when an emergency occurs.

Enough I guess. Glad to see your enthusiasm (sp?). It is my favorite area of nursing and we need many more L&D nurses! Good luck and I hope you have a good L&D experience.

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MG- Just one suggestion, more for yourself than any other reason, talk to your instructor, preceptor, and whoever does your childcare ahead of time, so that if a delivery or other interesting procedure is in progress, you won't have to leave in the middle if your scheduled time is up. No matter how certain doctors try, we just can't convince these women to deliver on a 9-5 schedule....:D

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