June 2017 NCLEX and PVT


I just took my NCLEX-RN yesterday morning and I wanted to share my experience in case someone else is looking for the same types of information I was desperate to find. My test shut off at 75Q, and it was very scary. I left feeling as if I am a failure for sure. It was both hard (I felt like I didn't know anything) and easy ( I felt my level of questions had to be under passing line). I had 24 SATA, 1 pretty hard titration med math, and 2 meds. I looked on here to find others that had it shut off at 75 and felt like they bombed it that ended up passing and that gave me hope. My test started at 7:50am and I walked out at 9:10am. I broke down and chose to try the PVT this morning at 8:27am and got the good pop up. I submitted a good credit card with correct information and had filled everything out truthfully as far as that, I would be taking the test for the 2nd time, and hit submit twice. I got the pop up that said "our records indicate you have recently scheduled an exam and cannot proceed at this time" or something to that effect. I did it again and got the same thing at 3:30pm today. I will pay for my fast results and find out for sure tomorrow. I am still worried because you never know if the trick actually still works, or what if... but I will update when I know the results to hopefully help when someone is in the same boat as me. I used UWORLD to study, and ended with a 71% in the 95th percentile when I finished the test bank. Unfortunately, none of that matters when you take the NCLEX lol. I honestly felt sure of 2 questions around the 70's and they were basic assessment things that really worried me that I was getting stuff that was below the passing line. I will update tomorrow. Keep me in your prayers :)


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I just wanted to update that I got my passing result this morning so the PVT did work for me. Good luck to everyone and if you have any questions I will be happy to try and help you :)


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I can relate to this! Test shut off at 75 and I thought for sure I had failed it. I was so depressed! I also felt like the test was somehow both too hard and too easy. There were some questions that I just had no clue on, but toward the end I got a few questions that felt too knowledge based to be passing level, and was so worried that my test never reached a hard enough difficulty level for me to actually pass. I had to keep reminding myself that NCLEX throws 15 questions in there that don't count, so we can't know how we're doing based on the questions we're getting at the end of 75 questions. The PVT worked for me, but I wasn't convinced until I saw my license posted on the BON website! I can't believe it!