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I've been selected for "early acceptance" in the RN program at JSRCC, is there anyone out there that is either applying for Spring 2010 or that has been selected early? Also is there anyone who has gone through the program? Is there anyone that has anything else to say about the program (other than the director and her staff). I am currently in a nursing program (diploma) and it is so terrible many wish that they had gone elsewhere, and I am considering transferring. I know the grass isn't always greener on the other side, but I would love to find a school where it isn't all show, where the teachers aren't on a power trip and where the teachers want to teach. My experience at JSRCC had been ok for general educatin classes and the application process has been surprisingly effortless and one particular advisor and teacher, went over and beyond to help me. Please let me know anything you may know about the program!

I heard that JSRCC doesn't have a waiting list anymore. Is that true?

There is no waiting list. Either you get in or they will roll your application over for the next semester and you reapply..

Has anyone rcvd any notification(rejection or acceptance) from JSR for the spring 2010 school year they said by October 15th but just seeing if any body heard anything yet, I'm impatient I know forgive me lol

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