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Hi- I want to get some input on a situation happening that I heard about at our school.

First some background... in our school, late clinical journal= unsatisfactory clinical for that day. 2 late journals= unsatisfactory clinical portion of class. Unsatisfactory clinical portion of class= failure of class.

A student in this class had a death in the family one week and went home, and turned in her journal late (these are computerized submissions so the professor knows exactly when it's sent in). This was her first late journal and first unsatisfactory clinical. Said student tried to explain situation to professor, who did not change her mind. Student keeps the unsatisfactory clinical day, but still has an overall passing clinical grade.

The next week, another student who had already had one late journal (turned in the right day, but not early enough in the day) turned in a late journal again. Called the professor before turning it in to let her know she had forgotten, had been sick, had another big paper to turn in for a different class. Asked if there was anything she could do not to fail the class. Professor said "don't let it happen again" after hearing reasons. Did not fail the student for the class but this is her last chance.

What do you think of this situation- do you think it is fair? What is your reaction?

Thank you!

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I think the first student had a good reason for why her journal was turned in late (went home for a death in the family). The professor should have excused it. Death in the family and an illness with a doctor's note are usually the only circumstances that are excused. This was one of those times. If I was that student I would go to the next higher up in the chain of command (course coordinator, director, etc) and explain the situation. You said the professor didn't listen to her reasons, therefore it should be brought up to someone else.

On the other hand you can say well they give you a "freebie". Right? They allow you to have 1 late journal and that doesn't affect your grade. Only when you have 2 late journals does it make a difference. So they give you that 1 freebie for instances like this? But other students that don't have a death in the family this semester can just use that "freebie" when they don't have enough time to do the journal until later or whatever. In this case, that student had no other choice but to turn the journal in late... it's not like she was thinking *oh i have too much to do this weekend, i'll just turn it in late and give myself some extra time*. She had a valid reason because there was a death in the family.

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In our school, late projects are not accepted. Late is defined as over 5 minutes after it is supposed to be in the instructors mailbox. No exceptions are made, even for a death in the family. The reason stated was that once you start making exceptions, you start running into problems. It becomes a subjective thing and ultimately is less fair, excusing some and penalizing others based on what the director or instructor deems a "good enough" reason. Whatever the policy of your school is should be enforced for every student, no exceptions, IMO. So, if your instructor enforced the policy for one of your students, but let it slide for another, I would think you would have a legitimate complaint. It becomes too confusing once exceptions are made.

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Our school only has exceptions for an illness with a doctor's note and for a death in the family. I think those are instances in which excuses should be made. Having a death in the family is just a terrible thing, and I can't imagine having to worry about the possibility of failing out of school just because of it, that just seems so heartless on the school's part.


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It seems to me that a death in the family should be an acceptable excuse for a late journal submission. Of course, the instructor can do what she wants... That's why I remind some of my co-students to keep their heads down and not make waves unless it's important (pick your battles) because 1/2 of your grade is subjective. They don't like you and all of the sudden you're getting U's when you have an unavoidable problem, or your care plan isn't good enough, or your skills performance doesn't cut it, etc.. In other words the instructors can hold you to the rules if they want to and they can excuse you from the rules if they want to. She's not failing the course unless she gets two Us, so I'd hold off and accept the grade. If it happens again and becomes a grade issue, then she can take it higher. Just my opinion, I realize I come across as though I'm a whipped puppy walking around waiting for the newspaper to come crashing down on my rear end... but there you go. Cooperate and Graduate.

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