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Joliet Junior College TEAS & RN Spring 2015


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Well it is finally here, and I take the TEAS exam at JJC next Thursday. I have been studying for over 2 months, and I still do not feel ready. I paid and took the ATI on-line TEAS exam A twice. The first time I choked, and the second time was in the 80's. I am applying to the JJC RN Spring 2015 program. Just curious if there are any other students out there like me getting ready to take the TEAS? :nailbiting:

I took the official TEAS just to get it over with this past Wed. and I did alright on it hopefully it will be enough to get me into the program this coming Spring 15'. I was relaxed most of the time, sometimes I felt like throwing in the towel because it was too long. Although, I got through it. Just put in my application this morning.

I received a 79 on my reading, and a 71 overall composite score.

3.8 GPA with 5/6 Pre-Req's completed.

BIO 250- A

HEAL 109 - A

PSYC 101 - A

PSYC 215 - A

ENG 101 - B

Only thing I have not done is BIO 251, I'm taking that this fall.


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looks like you did great on the TEAS. Congratulations for pulling it off, and you should be PROUD of yourself! I was going to take it last year, but I still had to complete the dreaded CHEM 100 class that I kept putting off. It seems like the TEAS was a long exam, but I cant believe they didn't give you any breaks in-between sections? You would think that they would let you get up and stretch! It will be a longgg exam for sure if they don't let us get up! I was going to do my on-line RN application yesterday when it opened up, but was told when I called the RN registration desk last week- that if you applied on-line b/4 your TEAS was done, and then if they pulled the files early to look, and you didn't have your TEAS completed then they would throw it on the denied pile. Then she said they do go back over the denied pile eventually, but it was not a good place for your file to be. So I will wait till after I take it next Thursday to apply on-line. I am in the Fall phlebotomy class that is getting ready to start up soon. However, I really want to get into the RN program for Spring 2015. I know that the accepted or denied RN e-mail we will be waiting on for the next 6-7 weeks will feel like forever! I have all my pre-req's done, and here is my standing on them:

BIO 250-A

BIO 251-A

ENG 101-A



HEAL 109-A

I don't know after everything I have read and etc.-It still appears that the TEAS is hard, and most A students can't pull off an A on the exam. KC, what did you find the hardest part of the exam was-besides of course the length?

If you studied well enough and know how the test works and have been practicing. I don't think you'll struggle with either section, but I really got stumped on 3-4 questions throughout the whole test. If I had to choose what was the hardest, it was the math because of the thought process you really have to do to solve the problems. Nice job maintaining all A's! Just do well on the teas, they give you a five minute break at the half way point but that's it every other break you take cuts into your testing time.

I'm taking BIO 251, Statistics, Medical Terminology, English 102 for the fall, just in case I don't get into the program I will still be getting classes done until Fall of 2015 when I will transfer out.


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Thanks for replying, KC. I (loathe) math with a passion, and I would rather have a root-canal than do math! I just decided to keep going over what I know well on the math part, and at least I will get a couple right. I see no reason to beat myself up learning the harder math that I can't comprehend. WOW-you will have a busy fall semester!! I give credit to anyone that can handle that many classes! A 5 minute break during the TEAS........you have got to be kidding me!! That is ridiculous!! I am older and pee as much as my grandmother! JK, but I do think that is ridiculous that we can't get up and at least stretch or use the bathroom. My favorite for BIO 251 was by far, hands down, Dr. Murdoch. I absolutely adore that woman, and she wants you to do well. Med-Term I took Sue Humenik-Schmidt, and I adored her also! For English I took Mark Wilson, and he was SO easy to understand. I had fun in this class! I have not done statistics yet, but I have heard there is slim pickings regrading good teachers for that class. Another class I will dread taking when I branch over to St. Francis. No worries, KC--I know you will get into the RN program! The power of positive thinking!!:geek:

I took Murdoch for BIO 250, I absolutely loved the way she taught the class by far my toughest class but it MADE me want to learn and keep my grades up. I'm taking her again for BIO 251, than I have Stephanie Lab for Med Term and Robert Cummins for 102. I was thinking about going to St. Francis, but I do not like how they have you take extra classes just to get into their major (ex: Theology) ridiculous I'm taking enough classes as it is... But thanks, I really hope I do! Getting my ADN will be the cheapest route into getting my BSN the RN Program is only 11,000 compared to other state school programs which is probably a LOT more...


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LOL! I took Murdoch for A&P 1 and A&P 2 also. I totally get what your saying with St. Francis and the extra classes. However, they have a smooth bridge program a year after your in the RN program at JJC. (That is of course--if I get into the program!) Well I have 2 more days till I take the TEAS--so I better go study. Let's keep in touch on here until we find out if we are in or out! Keep your chin up & stay positive!! :snurse:

I too am taking the teas on thursday! I originally got a 89 on the teas I took a few months ago for practice. The biggest advice I can give you is to get a 100 on the math. Its not as diverse as the other portions of the exam and it is very doable! Other than that, just memorize little things like capitalization rules and how to use semi colons. Sounds simple, but it comes in handy knowing them. Lastly, know everything there is to know about mitosis, dna and rna, and transcription and translation! I wish you luck! I hope we both get in♡♡♡


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Ok I took the teas today at 11:00 at the campus. I thought it was a HARD exam, and the hardest I have taken thus far. I got a comp individual score of 78.7%, and reading 85.7%. I studied for 2 1/2 months for this bad rat, and it was HARD. I am so disapointed in myself. However, with those scores there is not a chance I will be getting into the JJC RN program. When I went to the RN orientation meeting we were told average comp to get into JJC program is 79%, and average reading on TEAS they are taking is 86% (plus they don't round up your percent scores.) I guess I will just stick with my phlebotomy this fall, and re-take that evil TEAS exam again in February if I don't get in. I have all my pre-req's done, and have my CNA, but man o man this was a hard exam to me. The one girl next to me taking the exam had her head on the desk after the 1st reading section, and quit the exam and gave up. That freaked me out totally, but I understand her being upset. Honestly, I thought the exam was a nightmare, but that is just my humble opinion. Now I just have to wait for the dreaded e-mail (I am in no rush on that one)...I wish you both luck on getting in. I will let you know if I am accepted or denied when I get the letter. GRRRRRRR!!!:(


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P.S. I thought the math was the hardest part of my TEAS exam that I took, and I kept looking at that EVIL clock winding down. I am going to go eat a quart of ice-cream, and top it off with a chocolate bar to drown my sorrows.

@student4u2 Don't give up hope just yet! I took my TEAs exam in February and am starting the fall program in just 17 short days...ahh! AND I'm here with some great news for you! My TEAs composite score was 74.6 (my transcript says 75 by the way), and my reading was either 86 or 89, I can't remember. However, I was still in A&P 2 and Psych 215, so I lost points for not having those complete. And I was still accepted! You are going in with a 4.0, all classes complete, and a competitive TEAs and reading score. I am willing to bet you that you will be accepted :) Good luck to all of you taking the TEAs...I know its a lot of studying but it pays off in the end!!

I think you will still make it. Dont give up hope!!!:)

How did your test go?! My good friend is taking hers on the 15th.

Im taking mine this thursday on the 14th :0 I wanted to give myself as much time as possible to study, but now I just want to get it out of the way!


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This is my first time here, and I found it looking for answers on low TEAS scores. Everyone boasts about the high TEAS scores, but us few have no where to turn when our score was low. SO I am standing up to post my horrific score on the TEAS exam. I wanted to share that I have a total GPA of 3.8 overall, and I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa. I took the teas last week at JJC, and I am so upset. I got a adjusted score of 63 with a 77 in reading. I studied for 3 weeks and took all the ATI exams online and was scoring in the high 80s on version A & B. I just do not get it, but my nerves must have got the best of me. I have all my prerequisites done with a 3.6 GPA - at what classes they look at. 4 A's and 2 B's. I did my CNA at JJC also and got an A, but I get it does not matter. I have been going to JJC for a while now, and I already know that with that score I am out. I do not stand a chance. I will make no excuses, and I will retake it again in February. I dropped the ball big time, but I have to stand back up-shake it off, and go forward. I can't beat myself up over it. I just wanted to share-so that if anyone else ever has a low score on the TEAS at JJC-then they will not feel so all alone or embarrassed to post it. This exam does not define us as a person, and we will get it next time. The few of us that score low on the TEAS are smart students who have worked very hard to get where we are, and it just was not our day. We will get it next time, and do NOT ever give up on your dreams! Good luck to all of you on gaining entrance into the program. I respect you all, and I know how hard this is mentally and physically. Everyone always talks about how hard the JJC RN program is, and it is. But nobody every talks about how hard it is getting up to this point. We have all worked very hard. I will not be looking forward to my denial letter but we live and we learn. As for me I will keep moving forward and get it next time. Prayers going out to everyone during the accept/denial letter arrival phase. :nurse:

Im happy to hear that you're not giving up! If I get in, I have a really good study guide that I can loan you for free if youd like DJ411

Hi everyone! Congrats on taking your TEAS test, such a stressful step. I'm a current jjc nursing student going into second semester. I remember stalking this site to try and figure out if I had any chance of getting in. Just to give you an idea, I got a 68.7 comp score (I know, I cried when I left) and an 88.1 reading. I had all my prerequisites done. I got in on my first time applying with that score and a 3.76 gpa. It's doable so don't beat yourself up if you didn't score as well as you hoped. Also, I only got a 50 something on math, terrible. I'm smarter than that, it's just a stressful test. Good Luck, I hope you all get in😷

Thanks! One more day until I take mine:0