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Hi everyone,

I've been lurking around for a while (with a few posts here and there) and I'm very excited for everyone, especially those going into nursing as a second career cause we're in the same boat.

Anyway, I don't know if anyone reads blogs, but I've been searching around for nursing blogs, specifically for inside info on what it's like. I found a couple of good ones, but I think what I really wanted was to see someone start from scratch like me.

So I decided to make my own!

I'd love for people to stop by and share their own experiences by hopefully being able to relate to the stuff I go through.


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Just finished reading your blog. Thanks so much for posting it! I've also searched for this kind of thing and haven't had much success. I'll be starting my prereqs in August (can't wait!) so I'm spending as much time as I can now on this board and reading everything I can get my hands on regarding nursing and the field. I'm just so excited to get started. Yes, it will be a loooong journey for me and scary (been out of school for 20 years) but I'm so ready for it to begin! Good luck to you! I've bookmarked your blog so I can keep up with your journey as well!

Oh, I'm also a Desperate Housewives addict!!:chuckle


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Hi. I'm also a career changer. I start an LPN program on March 14th. Ultimately I would like to get my RN but due to the fact that I'm still paying for my first degree, I've decided to go the LPN route to get into the field and gain some experience. I graduated with a Bachelor's in English and taught for awhile but I knew before I started my first teaching assignment that it just was NOT for me (I had been ignoring that little voice in my head telling me so :o ). Needless to I am...a newlywed and back in school. After working in a community hospital for the last year and my husband's support I'm going to begin this journey. I know it won't be easy, but I know it's what I want and I know I'll enjoy it.


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You're sites great! I'm starting one too, it's at


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I was so concerned when I decided to go back for a second degree that I would be the only one crazy enough to go back and start all over! But once I found this website, I was happy to see that I am not alone! I have a degree in Business, and have always worked in healthcare. In high school and part of college I was a pharmacy tech, and then I started working in hospital collections. I have always really liked healthcare but never thought I wanted to work on the clinical side of things until about a year ago or so.

I am so happy I have made the decision to go back. I have been taking the prereq's and hope to be getting into the RN program for Fall 2005 at my local community college or a diploma program through one of the hospitals by me.

Good luck to everyone! We all made good decisions! :)


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My blog is at my user profile.

I just updated it (have not done it for 3 months). Be interesting to see everyone's.

I did mine a while back so I don't have to keep telling my friends and family what is going on. Just go to the site and you know.


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