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Jobs in the private hosptial


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right i know rgn1 works in the private sector and i'm asking this on behalf of a mate who is 3 months from qualifing.

her trust seems to have little jobs but this has come out only now and she has missed the deadline for another local trust. However from those who work in the private hospitals what are they like with newly qual staff, she really like theaters in particular scrub, does it depend on the company on how much they are prepared to train you etc.

Where is most likely the jobs would be advertised bar the local papers, nursing time/standard, the companys website and recutiment agency, or anywhere else.


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The private sector is a good alternative to employment in the NHS. I can only talk about my own experiences but my hospital has totally supported any newly qualified staff they have employed.

The training opportunities are much greater than currently available in the NHS - as there is more money for that side of things - & the budget never gets raided to shore up financial problems elsewhere! If there's a course you want to do you will be funded to do it - as long as it's relevant of course!! All mandatory training is carried out automatically & you don't have to fight for your study days!

Our hospital advertises in the nursing press mainly.

I would say that if your friend sees a job she's interested in she should not be put off at all if it's in a private hospital. After all it's so important to get that 1st experience under your belt.

Personally I don't think she'd regret going into the private sector at all. I certainly don't! :). It's not all a bed of roses but on balance I think she'd be happy.

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I had no joy with a speculative application on the website of a private hospital I used to work at as it said there were no vacancies at that time, yet when I contacted the hospital direct they sent out an application form and I got the job - it was just for the bank but shows it may be worthwhile sending letters or making phonecalls

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