Job situations you would not recommend for new grads


Is there any field or nursing situation that you would not recommend for a new grad? I am considering going into LTC as a LPN, but from what I have been reading...I am at risk for a rude awakening with a TON of work ahead of me. I am a hard-worker & that does not scare me, but I would like to know what I am getting into because I have superwoman tendencies (I KNOW I am not superwoman:chuckle:chuckle) and I don't want to overdo it with my first job as a nurse! TIA!

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My fellow classmates that are now nurses are in every field out there and I have heard the same complaints from all of them. No matter how "easy" they thought it would be, they all got a rude awakening. One of my friend is in the ICU, one got into OR, home health, LTC. A new job is aways hard at first but will get tolerable after a while.


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Every job does have its problems but I would not recommend a new nurse to start out in CVICU. Taking fresh hearts is complicated to say the least. I have seen some patients with 16 gtts running, swan, balloon pump, pacer and more going on. :bugeyes:

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