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I am at my 3 year mark and I am done with the floor. What resources do I use to find a non-hospital job? I have looked on and Craigslist, but those can't be the only jobs out there.

I live in one of the largest metro area of the countries, the only reason I prefer not to do home health is the traffic and that seems to be the biggest online ad placer, well that and travel nursing.



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If you are interested in a hospital job ... Individual hospitals post available jobs on their websites. Check the sites of your top choice hospitals daily (or nearly) as the most desirable jobs may only be posted for a couple of days as they will probably get several internal candidates appplying for a a limited number of positions available.

Some jobs may also be posted in the Sunday newspaper (in the "classified" section) or in regional newsletters for professional nurses (such as the state nurses association newsletter). Those are "old fashioned" places to look, but I still see adds there -- and once you get talking with recruiters as you respond to those adds, that might lead you to another job.

Finally ... network, network, network. A lot of jobs are filled (and learned about) through talking with people. So go to where the hiring managers go -- conferences, meetings, etc. and let everyone know you are looking. Be prepared to discuss your talents, skills, interests, what you can bring to a prospective employer, etc. so that you take advantage of any opportunities to make a good impression that might arise.

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You can try organizations' websites or jobs pages such as they post jobs for LPNs and RNs for residential treatment facilities, group homes, Substance Use Rehab programs, organizations serving the homeless, foster care agencies, maternal-child health home programs, etc. Also try they post many RN (and LPN) jobs in settings besides hospital. Many outpatient clinics also have their own webpages, you can google clinics in your area and then view their job postings.

If you are interested in Insurance and doing case management with Insurance companies for example HealthFirst, Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc. you can find these advertised on or on their own websites. These positions required little to no travel. As per what I have heard, insurance companies pay RNs well.

Good luck! With 3 years experience you should have no trouble finding something. Me as a new grad was able to find a job at a clinic in only two weeks after I took NCLEX and of course the pay is commensurate with experience as most of my coworkers had years of hospital experience before being hired at the clinic.


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Yes, use to search for jobs in your area. There is also health coaching which insurance companies hire, Quality Improvement, Risk management, Legal nurse consultant (working with lawyers) Occupational health and safety, sales and marketing for pharmaceutical companies or medical equipment companies, nurse entrepreneur, holistic nursing, nursing informatics....


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I have an interview with healthfirst case management rn but was worried about caseload and paperwork. i come from homeare VNS, looking to get out of field, any info?


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I'm pursuing my FNP to get out of floor nursing. I've looked at positions through USA jobs and just looking at career sections of health insurance companies.

Have you thought about being a company rep? I hear it's great money, I personally never looked into it because I have small kids and I'm not available to travel.

lastly, there's always education.