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Job Offer


Hi, I just recieved this offer today for a clinic in San Antonio, Tx.

The offer was for a bi-lingual LVN that does basic clinical duties, the bad part is im not bi-lingual and the DON does know that and she said she would be willing to do a TEMP TO HIRE for 90 days and when the 90 days is up she will see how I am progressing and how my spanish is improving and if i can get a history and physical in spanish. She said she would be willing to start me at $13.50 and after the 90 days she will raise the pay if she decides to keep me and put me at a full time position at a new clinic they are remodeling.

It does have paid holidays and the hours are mon-fri 8-5pm. and it does include insurance, life insurance and 401K.

What do ya think? Normal pay for LVN that i know of is LTC 18.00 new grad at a hospital 14.00.

I have been looking for a clinc job becuause I want to go back to school in the evenings and weekends.

cost of living is not bad here in SA. I am only 21years old. An apartment rent is about $550.


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If your job is contingent on your learning Spanish in 90 days, I'd say keep looking. It's going to awfully hard to learn how to do a new job, let alone master a new language in three months. Plus that pay is lousy; sounds like you are being taken advantage of.

In case anyone asks, yes, I do speak Spanish, and it's a long process to learn how to translate proficiently. Taking an H&P? I can't imagine someone with no Spanish learning how to do that in three months.

i understand some spanish words i am not completely illiterate in spanish but i have a hard time speaking it. The pay is only for the 90 days.


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There is a big difference between understanding a few words and being fluent enough to carry out a full H&P and communicate with your patient. It's more than just you speaking; you have to understand what the patient is saying back to you.

You wanted opinions. I'm sorry you didn't like mine.


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How long have you been looking for a job and how desperate are you to start work right away? How many interviews have you been on? What will your pay be after the 90 days? What happens if she finds someone fluent in Spanish? Is she going to continue looking? Will you be paid for the time you are studying Spanish?

Honestly, I think you can probably do better but only you know for sure.

I started at about $15 an hour with my first LPN job and that was on the very low end. I accepted it because I was on call and I often got paid to sit at home.

Possibly $16..and she was willing to start me at 15 but becuause of the spanish she did the tempt to hire. I have been looking since aug and i have been on 5interviews..i am a new graduate with no previous experience and yes that will be my pay 13.50 while i pick up on my spanish. The clinic is only 5min away from my house also.

I know that i will have to have a full conbersation with people and i can understamd basic spanish but not in detail. Its hard to explain..


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Is speaking spanish the only contingency to becoming permanent?

It does sound like she might be looking for cheap labor until she finds

the candidate she really wants for the position. I studied spanish 4 years

before I could hold a conversation with someone.

OCNRN is right, speaking it is half the battle. You have to be able to understand it. There are different dialects to consider as well. I stopped translating when I discovered I could be held liable if I incorrectly interpreted what the patient said.

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I don't know how u honesty think ur going to afford it. I wouldn't get out of bed for $13.50 p/h! U need weigh up what u can and can't afford.

I don't think u can afford to live on this wage and study, unless u have someone sharing with you.

Also what happens re legal implications if u can't understand someone, or u or a patient misunderstands something? What if someone is yelling in Spanish re an emergency & u can't understand them?

Just some thoughts 4 u to mull over.

I will be in training for the 90 days so i dont understand how it will be cheap labor. Im pretty sure I will not be left alone if someone is in an emergency. There will be fellow nurses and MD. I guess its hard to explain how much spanish i understand and can speak. No spanish is not the only thing. Just me picking up all of the duties. She also stated that she would not leave me on the floor unless i feel comfortable. That will not be until the remodeled clinic is open in aug 2011. So i have 90 days to show her my knowledge. I will still continue to find work just to cover my a** if she doesnt offer me a full time position

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My concern would be her expecting you to be literate in Spanish in 90 days to do a full H & P.

Firstly, the patients may misunderstand a question, and give you an incorrect answer. This could be a big liability for you. Most facilities expect you to pass a language test to ensure you meet the minimum standards in the language in order to be a translator. The fact that they are not doing this is a liability as well. Imagine you asking a question and because of your lack of fluency it is misconstrued. For example, you mean to ask "Do you have chest pain now?" But it comes out as "Have you had chest pain in the past." Wouldn't be hard to do, patient says "no" or some other portions that you don't know. Patient has massive heart attack within a couple days and the family wants to sue because you didn't catch it.

I know it's just a random scenario that is unlikely to happen, but I'm just trying to demonstrate the things that could cost you your license and more.


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I called it cheap labor because she is paying you less than you're worth,

spanish or no spanish! We are just trying to be helpful. Many of us

have enough experience to know that any assurances not made in

writing are worthless the moment you come in to work.

The job market is tight. That's all the more reason to go in with

your eyes wide open should you decide to accept.