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Job market for LVN nurses


Before I dive into an LVN program, does anyone know the job market for them in Houston? Yes, I understand why it may be more prudent to just do the RN I am frazzled. Being a restaurant manager is so draining. I mean in ways that make me wish I was a CNA again.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

Specializes in Case mgmt., rehab, (CRRN), LTC & psych. Has 15 years experience.

If acute care hospital nursing is your goal, it probably will not happen at most major hospital systems. However, the LVN job market is strong outside the hospital setting.

If you're willing to work at a nursing home, home health company, jail, prison, group home, adult daycare center, rehab center, methadone clinic, or psychiatric facility, you should be able to secure employment.

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

Specializes in Critical Care, Education. Has 35 years experience.

Agree with Commuter's comments. As we move further into health care reform with continually decreasing reimbursement for acute care, hospitals are going to be re-examining their staffing models in order to decrease labor costs. I believe that we are going to see a re-introduction of team nursing in MedSurg areas.... which will create acute care jobs for LVNs once again. That's just my opinion. In the meantime, LTACs are hiring LVNs. These facilities offer nearly the same level of services as acute care, so it would be easy to transition to a hospital setting with LTAC experience.

I certainly understand your frustration with your current job, but nursing is not a panacea. You may discover that there is just as much exhaustion and stress in healthcare. Please be very cautious in your choice of educational program. There is no reason to pay an exorbitant fee to a commercial (investor-owned) school when there are LVN programs available in the CCs.

Thanks, HouTx. Sage advice. I was looking at the cc's for a program. I did work as a CNA at a max security prison. I don't mind one bit working in a LTAC.