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I have a job interview at a major hospital tomorrow for the med surg floor ans was looking for advice on what to wear and what they'll ask.

Im wear black slacks, white button down, black closed heels with my hair in a pony tail and my nails painted a light red.. Just got them down. Is that ok?

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What I did was study their mission statement and learned about the company. Then they asked me 6 stupid basic questions. It's helps to google interview practice questions and practice answering the questions by having a parent or boyfriend ask you. You're attire is appropriate.

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Most facilities are going with "Behavior Based" questions like, "Tell me about a time when...". I would have a few stories in mind that happened to you, a touching one, one involving conflict (possibly with another staff member), and one where you made a mistake. Be prepared to talk about your weaknesses (strengths are usually easier to think of).

Go in confident and friendly...some nerves are expected and you shouldn't be punished for them so just relax, breath and try to have a conversation with them. Basically they are looking to get a sense of your personality. Leaders realize they can teach skills but can't change someone's character.

Good luck!


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They will ask you if you have any questions.

When I interview potential team members I appreciate when they have a question prepared for me. It demonstrates that the applicant has been thoughtful about the process and is using critical thought.

So, when you review that mission statement consider what you might ask the interviewer about the position as related to the mission of the organization.

Good luck, let us know when you get the job!

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