Job Interview and Revealing Criminal Background


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I have another job interview on Monday.... this job is the dream job. it is in my specialty and would be PERFECT!!! but as I am sure most of you here know the excitement of a possible job but also the dread of having to reveal your involvement in an impaired nursing program. I am with IPN in Florida.

Is there anyone that has had the experience of obtaining a job with a criminal background? how did you handle it, reveal it and make it through the interview? I am literally paralyzed with dread and the fear of being judged when I have to reveal that I have multiple (5)misdemeanors on my record. Also, when should I reveal to the person interviewing me that I am in the IPN program?

the excitement of getting the interview is diminished by the complete and utter dread......

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you messed up in your past, and have grown from it, can you say? (i had a substance abuse problem, and entered a recovery and IPN program.....i have monitored stipulations to ensure my sobriety & recovery ) also i am working a 12 step program every day......:sneaky: