Job hunt fustrations!!


I am beyond frustrated today!! I interviewed for a position end of January with who would be my manager A, then had a second interview with the clinic manager and doc approx a week and a half later. I called A a couple times to check on the status about a week apart. She called me back both times. The last time I talked to her, thy were going to meet the following week and she said she would call and let me know. Well we ha some bad weather that week (2 weeks ago), but I still called 2 days after they said they would meet and this time she did not call me back. A week later (last week) I called, left a message, then emailed a nice email on fri. Still no reply. I have a friend that is good friend with the clinic manager who has been keeping me as updated as she can (I've been bugging the poop outta her, I so need to stop!). She had told me last week they didn't meet the week before, she talked to the clinic manager and they were going to meet wed or thurs last week and per the clinic manager it was btn me and another candidate. Well I checked the website that I applied yesterday, the job is closed (it was open til filled), but my status still states referred to hiring department. I contacted my fried who stated when they make a decision, they close the position and update the status, and that I should receive a call. Well it's almost the end of the day and I still haven't heard anything and I am totally beyond frustrated right now. I would even be happy with an email at this time. The job I have now is just not going to cut it (very little hours, no 401k). This really is my dream job and usually I just let it go and for some reason, I just can't until I know. What are y'all's opinions on this?

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Well, it's all in their control now. You have to wait. So many employers are flat out rude these days though, and I am sure you know that if they do choose someone else it could very well be that they will just drop all contact with you and you simply will hear nothing further from them, ever. Rudeness is quite in style these days. The whole "updating the application record" thing sometimes happens weeks later after the fact too.


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It really is amazing how it is nowadays, its a shame.

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My dear old grandmother used to say, "Don't borrow trouble." Meaning that enough trouble will find its way into your life without your having to imagine it. Maybe they're all still recovering their schedules from those storms too. maybe the other interviewee hasn't been seen yet. Maybe the moon rose midday. Who knows?

It is out of your hands. Let it go. You will hear, or you won't. You'll get the job, or you won't. For now, there's no point to jacking up your systolic BP over it. No matter what, life will go on.


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I know! Well she did call me and they offered it to the other candidate. I understand why, she was definitely the right candidate. The manager did tell me she is going to keep my file and that I would be a great fit, just need to find the position for me. They are expanding and she did say the next time a position opened she would consider me for it. Now on to the next!!