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Job hopper starting fresh


I love patient care. I feel my co workers can miss me with all of the superficial nursing politics that have no effect on patient care period. With that being said I tend to leave great companies due to unfavorable managers, supervisors etc.... anyway nursing can be a small world. I want to work full time and have some stability in my nursing career as I get older. I dont have a bachelors degree and will be headed back to school just to stay employed and be employable in the future. I have gotten three job offers. I have been offered an assistant don position with a starter company that has been improving at least on paper..... I have also been offered a staff position at a Ltach with an established company. I am torn between which job to except. Fear is really what's holding me back from the adon position, I cant really say what i expect from the position other than it will get my foot in the door of the administration side of nursing. The other will just be enhancing my bedside skills and sharpening my critical thinking skills.....idk? I hope im not offending anyone. Just thought I would post to see what you stable nursese thought........

I'm an ex job hopper that has started fresh. It is never two late, to start fresh and be consistent.

Thanks for whatever reason my friend has told me she doesnt think I should take the ADON postition because of the high level of stress (may make me jump ship) me personally I know I dont want to be at the bedside to much longer and would like to try my hand in management/ administrative side of things to see if it is for me? My major concern about the facility is it is small, under new ownership, and im wondering if i will get the boo boo side of the stick or will they genuwinely give me all the tools/training needed to be successful?

Been there,done that, ASN, RN

Has 33 years experience.

In a privately owned facility, you are at the mercy of the owners. Can you get a feel for what kind of people they are? Ask your self why they are hiring you for an administrative position.

Have you worked LTC before? It's even more brutal than hospital nursing.

Sometimes, unfavorable managers and supervisors are the lesser of all the evils.

Good luck, whatever you decide. Myself, I would do agency work for awhile until something came along I was sure I wanted.

According to the DON she doesn't have a problem hiring those with little to no experience, she says she enjoys giving others a foot in the door. I have three offers on the table the ADON position, LTACH staff position, and a part time Ltc position