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Job friendly states


Just wondering what states is currently hiring? Six more week for my rn-BSN and I need to start my research on the best states to look into. I know the ND is hiring, is there any other states that I show research. Can any newly hired nurse share their location and type of employment.


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Not yet graduated, but I live in Oklahoma and every nurse I know who has graduated from the program I attend (which is an ADN program) has secured hospital employment, in varying units from Med/Surg floors to the ICU. Be warned that Oklahoma is one of the lowest paying states in the country for RNs.


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North Dakota is a pretty new grad-friendly place. I got hired at St. Alexius Medical Center in Bismarck recently through their graduate nurse program, which I believe is all year long. The pay isn't great compared to national average but it's still pretty competitive within the state. You can use me as a referral if you'd like. I'm new there but i don't think it's a problem if I want to spread the good words about St. Alexius. Just PM me.