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:redbeatheI work as a waitress and hostess wed, thursday, and saturday form 5-10:30. I average 15 an hour sometimes up to 17 and hour with tips. I am starting nursing classes this september and i was considering on getting a job like a medical receptionist or something related to medical. but right now my job is perfect and is very flexible if i need to switch days or just take off. the only reason why i would like to look for a different job is so when i graduate i will have a diversified resume and have more experience and it will seem more appealing than just a waitress...?

what should i do?:heartbeat

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keep your job.

as a manager in a large city hospital that had a new grad orientation program i hired many new grads right out of nursing school. we never expected new grads to have a lot of experience. when we hired we depended on a recommendation from the nursing school instructors. the reason was because they are the only ones who have been observing the nursing students acting in the role of rns. no one else has been in that position and can give feedback to a prospective employer. the only thing a previous employer can attest to is that you showed up to work on time, what kind of attendance record you had and whether or not you were a problem employee (had disciplinary actions against you) and even then you have to give them permission to release that information.

your nursing instructors will talk with you about how you students will apply for your license as well as get your first job in nursing.


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I feel the same way...would love to get a position in an office or hospital, but I make good money where I am and they are flexible with my schooling and I am able to get homework done sometimes...I'm afraid of giving that up!!

I think if you are ok with your schedule the way it is, why mess with it...maybe down the road you can change it up if you feel like you need to.

But I do know how you feel. I work for a Pharma company as an admin. I'd rather be at a hospital, but it's ok. They work with me and I appreciate that! I'll more than likely be here until I graduate.

Good luck in your decision.

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Yes, no way would I quit a waitress or bartending job to work as a CNA or secretary. You will be getting so much more bang for your buck where you are now. Good luck!

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