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Jersey college interview


What kind of questions do they ask applicants on the interview at jersey college? My interview is coming up in a few days and I would like to get ready. Thank you

Hi Philly nurse,

How long did it take to get an interview? I applied 2 weeks ago and still did not get a letter. Also were you advised of the cost? Thank you and good luck

Hi Oliviathess,

It took about two weeks before they call me for the interview. They have to get all your transcripts/diploma and other required paper work before they call you. You can always call them to check on your application status. The tuition price is very high, it's over $30,000 but it depends on how many classes you are transferring from previous college. You will not get a letter until everything is complete. For instance I completed everything, went to the interview, got my ID picture taken and scrubs measurements, they asked me for the deposit and gave me the orientation time and date, and at they end they told me congratulations and expect my letter to arrive in few days so whether you get in or not the letter will be the very last step Anyway I wish you all the best and hopefully we'll be in the same class.

I thank you for the info, would you be starting in May or August? I applied for August...

Oh I see... Good luck please keep me posted if you dont mind...Thanks

I will be starting in May too, are you doing day or evening?

I'm doing the day program at the Ewing campus and you?

Oh ok, I'm doing day at the Teterboro campus. Good luck to you!!

Update? how has your experience been?

For those who transferred credits, how was the price? Was it still very high? I'm hoping to transfer a lot because I have my degree in general science. I am also concerned about the accreditation. I applied for a scholarship, and the scholarship place told me that the school wasn't accrediated, is this true?

Update: I graduated over the summer and I just passed my exit exam this past Wednesday. I had a good experience with the school up until it came time to take the exit. It took me 3 attempts (they give you 4 tries) to pass. Past students have said that the exit exam is much harder than the actual nclex, so once you pass it nclex will be a breeze. I'm hoping they're right! I'm just waiting for my ATT now.