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Ivy Tech Spring 2016 Applicants

I have been looking for a thread for any Ivy students that have applied for 2016 and can't find one!

Since the wait for the letter is going to KILL me, I really wanted to start a thread to communicate with others who are also waiting on that letter.


What are your TEAS scores, grades, and points? What campus are you applying to?

I have a TEAS score of 88 and all A's, and will be applying to the ASN and PN program at the sellersburg campus!

Hoping to meet other Ivy Techers :)

I am going to apply. I'm studying now for the TEAS. I took a 2 year break from school and this semester will finish all my pre/co reqs. Praying I get a good TEAS score as I have a B in English. Others two are A's. I'm applying to Valpo and crown point.

Study hard for the teas and I'm sure you'll do fine!! Good luck !


Specializes in Hospital medicine; NP precepting; staff education.

My dad was a Dean of Arts at Ivy Tech. There is a scholarship in his name called the Lifelong Learner David Berry Scholarship. On the Lafayette campus is a bench in memory of my late brother and a tree in honor of dad.

Good luck to you all and maybe one of you can get my dad's scholarship!

That's very cool. I'll for sure have to check out the scholarship!

Study hard for the teas and I'm sure you'll do fine!! Good luck !

Thank you!! I just took my first practice test and I got a 78😳 more studying!! Maybe seeing no one else is posting it will be less competition. Normally there are lots of people on these threads. Where is everyone?? Good luck to you!

A score of 78 on the real thing is a great score in my opinion, so I think you'll do good! I also am wondering where everyone is at. Other threads from past semesters have a ton of people on them.

I will be dropping off my application soon at the Terre Haute campus!

Awesome! Keep us updated . Do you mind sharing your scores? Hoping to see what everyone got, that way if they get an acceptance letter we will know what it takes to get in!

I will be applying before April 1 2016 to the South Bend campus. What are some good study guides for the TEAS test?

Melly3080, the ATI study manual is a must have. Also , the ATI website has two online teas practice test that help so much!

Hi! I'm applying for an RN spot at Lawrence, Anderson and New Castle for Spring! I have an 82 on the TEAS and my total points are 137.82. I'm so excited and nervous, keeping my fingers crossed:) Good luck everyone!

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Jasmine, that is a great score!!! The wait for the letter is awful, I can't even sleep at night and the deadline hasn't even passed yet lol!

Thanks Hyrule! It looks like you have a great score too. It's definitely going to be a long wait. We work so hard for something and it's finally time to apply and hope we get a spot. It's so exciting! I hope the wait is short and you get the spot you want:)

I am currently a pre nursing student at the Fort

Wayne campus. I have some questions.

I may be a little early but I would like

to get feedback from those who are about

to apply.

First, I am applying for next fall cohort

now I have all these courses with these grades as of now.

ENG111 B

PSY101 B

APHY101 C, let me say I first took this in

2011 at IPFW. I am hoping to retake this for an

A and points.


SOC 111 B thinking of replacing with PSY 201

to boost gpa.

I have to take APHY 201 & either BIOL211

or CHEM101.

What I need to know is can we take APHY201

with APHY101/102 either of them?

My plan is to get most of my pre and co reqs,

completed prior to entering the program. Any

advice would help. Thanks!

This is my first post here. Hello everyone!

I am hoping to apply for the ASN program at Lawrence for Spring 2016, but am waiting on a CLEP I just took for the ENG 111 requirement. It felt like it went well, but we'll see! In both APHY 101 and PSYC 101 I got an "A".

I take my TEAS in a week. I'm cutting it close with the deadline but I like the pressure!

Good luck everyone.

Jasmine, I hope you get your spot too! Keep us updated!! The app said we should get letters by Sep. 30, although I'm probably going to stalk the mailman all September lol.

Holly, I think you might have to finish Anatomy 102 before taking 201. I wouldn't think you could take those at the same time but I could be wrong. I do think you can look it up in campus connect though!

Lightharddead, good luck on your TEAS! It sounds like so far you've done great in your classes!


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