I've never been a good math/science student...

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I took A&P 1 last year, and had to drop, b/c I was failing. I literally studied about 4 hrs./day. (Btw, I've suspected for years that I may have ADD, but have never been tested.) In addition, I've always done poorly in school in math and science. Anyway, after my first test, I went to the school tutor, and realized I had been studying incorrectly. I figured that, after my new study skills, I would do better on the next test, but didn't. It made me reconsider whether nursing is for me. However, a good friend keeps telling me not to give up and to try again.

As a possible alternative to nursing, I've been thinking that maybe, after many years, I should go back to school for an MSW instead (I've always loved Social Work, but certainly not as many jobs, or money as nursing). However, a big part of me wants to be a nurse. As a mom, I really want to have the flexible work schedule that I could find in nursing. I would love to hear from those of you who have really struggled as a student and gotten through school anyway-I need to be inspired!! Thanks so much.

I've been good in math, but hated it. lol.

But I was never really that good at science, especially Chemistry, yuck. But A&P was fascinating to me. I also had a fantastic teacher, so that is how I made it through.

Have you tried seeing a different tutor. There has to be something that works for you. If not, after you've exhausted all options, maybe nursing isn't for you.

There's nothing wrong with it not being for you either. We are all good at some things at not others. What I'm good at, you might not be good at. Just as what you are good at, I'm probably not good at.

I couldn't be a social worker, at my hospital at least. I don't know how they do it. They deal with some of the most upset people, but they stay so professional. The one lady I see all the time seems very happy too. There is just something about her that just brings peace into a room. I think she really has a gift. Her happiness just exudes from her.

Do what makes you happy, and at the same time, what you are good at. I'd give A&P another shot. And try to get an idea of the best A&P teacher at your school too. A really great teacher can make ALL the difference.

Thanks for the feedback! I really do want to be a nurse, and am already a CNA. I've always been an excellent writer, but never a great test taker. However, where there's a will, there's a way, right? Anyway, Social Work jobs are being phased out. I was a great Social WOrker, and know I would be a good nurse b/c of my desire to help others, etc. Maybe I should do the LPN route first.

You're right about the teacher, as mine actually sucked. Absolutely nothing on his study sheets was on the tests, for one thing. In addition, he was quite disorganized. It doesn't help that I hated the course in general. However, I will speak w/an advisor. Thanks again!

Good luck to you!

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