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Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone had experience working as an IV nurse consultant. What does it involve? Are there any opportunities in NJ? My boss had mentioned that after she retired she wanted to take on this job, so she can work from home and not travel. Any ideas?

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The term "IV Nurse Consultant" can mean a lot of things to lots of different companies. On one end of the spectrum there are the true consultants like Lynn Hadaway who truly perform consulting work for companies in infusion therapy and vascular access but she travels a lot. One of the infusion companies I work for has "infusion consultants" that are more like triage nurses that deal with patient questions. Another company I work for has "infusion consultants" that help audit and train nurses in infusion therapy.

The work will greatly vary depending on what type of "consulting" she was referring to. Is it corporate consulting or patient care consulting?


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I think she was referring to patient care consulting where she would serve as a liason for any IV/PICC related problems.

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Perivascular Nurse Consultants is an example of IV Nurse consultant/RN Independent contractor practice that's been a success for 25 years. Their site list many services an IV Nurse Consultant can provide.