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IV certification. Who offers course?


Ok folks. Who offers an IV certification course in Columbia/Jeff City area? LPN Moving to area and it seems this is what employers are looking for there. So where do I go? Thanks in advance.

Contact the BON in Jeff City they can tell you. Good luck

i dont know how long you have been a LPN but the courses in MO are in the 500 600 dollar range! I graduated from arkansas last year and needed my iv certs (LPN) for a position in my home state MO.. If it hasnt been long you can get ur school you went to give you a syllabus on ur IV course and clinical hours fax it to one of the IV cert places and it wont cost you a dime. I faxed mine to a st. francis medical center IV cert course in cape girardeau. hope that helps you out some. you can go to MOSBN site and find Iv courses

Thanks for replies forks. Well because of circumstances beyond my control, i did not complete my LPN program in philadelphia. So, ive moved to Ashland MO, stying with family. On the bright side i challendged the CMT exam. Im now a CMT at a great LT care facility. I was accepted to and will attend Nichols Career Center LPN program in Jeff City. So, i guess ill get my IV cert after all. Unfortunatly i have to go through LNP program again. In my pursut to necome a nurse i have gone throughh two.semesters of an RN program and an entire LPN program to no avail. This is my last stop. If something happens this time im.done. i still dont know what called me into nursing but if i had to do it all over again, i think i may not have answered to call.