It's been 3 years in March 2011

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I am a NC RN that participates in the AP at the BON. I recently celebrated 3 years of clean time. I received my license back in early 2008. I have been searching since then for appropriate work. I CANNOT find anything around here! I am getting so frustrated, as you can imagine, coming up on 3 years with no appropriate work! I will tell you that I live around the Raleigh, NC area and would love, love, love ANY suggestions you might have about "friendly" places to work! By friendly I mean, someone willing to give me a second chance and not just laugh in my face! I am very dedicated and reliable as my current, non-nursing employer would tell anyone!!!

Also, I too recently received my letter from the NCBON informing me that we will now be required to have direct observation when giving a urine sample. Does anyone know EXACTLY how that works? What exactly are they going to be looking at? Will we actually be nude "down there"?

Thanks guys! Hope all is well!

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I have been on probation with my license for over 4 years. Within the last 6-8 months they just started requiring "observed" UA's. For me, this has involved the med tech coming into the 1 seater bathroom that has a sink in it & standing by the sink while I pee.

I strongly suspect that this was a reaction to someone, somewhere being monitored who tried scamming the test--so we all get to pee with company now.

The first time it happened, I had not been notified ahead of time of the new requirement and I was mad. I asked the tech: "What's next? Body cavity searches?!" :devil: But- I have gotten over it now & it's not such a big deal. It is amazing what a human being can get used to, isn't it?

Catmom :paw:

P.S. By the way, ncrninwaiting, does your probation time reduce if you are not working as a nurse? I have to work a certain number of hours per quarter, or my probation gets extended. CM

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ncrninwaiting that is a long time, I too am a rn in nc and I have been searching for work for about 6mths! It really does get frustrating when you continue to fill out applications and never hear anything back. We just have to continue searching (and praying) that a job will eventually come through! We've worked so hard and long to get our lives back in order, it just wouldnt make sense for me to give up now! Keep on searching, I KNOW I will! Good luck and GOD bless!

Thanks for the replies! @Catmom... I'm not sure I understand what you mean about the probation time. @ARAIT... Good luck with your job search! Too many people look down upon us, however, we are monitored very closely and would be a great employee because we have to be perfect for the Board!

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