It's possible to get a job!!


I just wanted to post my success story for those dealing with criminal background, I have several summary offenses on my record, like disorderly conduct, harassment, etc, but only one shows up on a background check, retail theft, I got caught stealing in 2013 with my ex boyfriend, I didn't do the stealing but I also turned a blind eye to him stealing, so we both were charged. I got my nursing license in 2014, with no issues, but I had a few disappointments when it came to jobs. But finally I got a job as a 1:1 school nurse, working with elementary school children, and also a job as a floor nurse in an assisted living facility. Both saw my background and after reviewing it with the administrator of the companies, offered me a position. So with prayer and lots of faith in God it is possible to get a job with a criminal record. I wish everyone the best of luck and also myself as a have an interview on Friday!


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hi there emily! oh wow! congratulations! :) i have the same case as you, petty theft, but this was back in 2008. i'm going to start lvn program in december. i was so scared to apply for school before trying to expunge my case.because i've heard of other people getting denied for school with a case in their background. the school did a background check on me and didn't seem like they had a problem about it. anyway, i tried expunging my case in october, missed the expungement hearing, but i called a week after to see whether the judge approved or denied my petition. they approved it!! :) now, i'm just waiting for the letter from the court saying that my case is dismissed. i wish someone would've told me about this a long time ago! i probably would've been a nurse by now lol.

Good luck on your interview by the way!


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I am in the same boat of being worried about arrest charges. I was arrested this year twice for domestic violence and criminal trespass and cruelty to children because he was present and witnessed it although it's in my own home. Unfortunately, this is all due to having a nasty disagreement with my soon to be ex husband. Anyway, my hope is to have the charges dismissed so that I can expunge them. I sure hope I will be licensed.

EmilyBuchanan, which state are you in?


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Hi EmilyBuchanan,

I am in Georgia


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And congrats Emily!! your experience gives me hope and hang in there as i prepare for the nclex pn.


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Im having bad luck based on my record. I have a misdemeanor for my own child basically ditching school for too many days (contributing to the deliquency of a minor). Now my son is an adult and the courts tell me there is nothing I can do because he is an adult. Im afraid to even apply for jobs (already licensed as an LVN since 2001). any advice from anyone. I was laid off my last job of 10 years. I applied for one job and was denied because of it. I dont know how to clear this up. :(


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I've applied to Nursing school and I'm a little worried. In 2012, I was charged with a summary charge of Disorderly Conduct ( Other charges were dropped and I had them expunged last year.) The Summary of DC can be expunged in 2017 but I'm worried about 2 things: 1) That, for whatever reason, the expunged non convictions will somehow still show up and 2) That I will be denied for the DC, even though it isn't on the prohibited offense list. I plan on being honest and typing a letter to the dean of the nursing school because I don't want to set a tone of distrust. I want it to be known that I did take ( and still taking) responsibilities for my actions. Still, I know how judgemental people can be and how strict these programs are so I'm a little nervous that I will be denied for a small incursion on my record. To ease some of the worry, I did a background check( Not the finger print one) on myself and was relieved that only the DC showed up. However, I still worry. I can't seem to help it. Any advice?


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My thoughts would be to get a background check with fingerprints to see what shows up. Depending on the state, the dc will not matter much. The other may show up and then you will know if you need an attorney's advice to deal with your situation.