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I am starting to get really nervous because it has been at least 8 years since I had chemistry. Can anyone give me a rough estimate on how much chemistry I am going to need to get through my nursing classes? I talked to my advisor about two months ago and she told me not to worry about it, but I have a sinking feeling that I am going to need to brush up a lot on it. By the way, I am taking A&P1 along with my nursing classes this coming semester, A&P2 in the Spring, and the Micro in the Summer. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks bunches.



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I'm also taking chemistry for health sciences in the fall semester. It's been since 1972 since I had any chemistry.

I did find a book in the Barron's educational series for chemistry that I think I will pick up. I used the one they have for A&P and it helped immensely!! Hope this helps!



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It had been even longer since I had taken any Chemistry but I just finished taking it this summer after taking A&P I and A&P II. The hardest part for me was remembering how to do the Algebra. I bought a quick study Algebra book from Barnes and Noble Bookstore, which helped me to prepare. The class was not nearly as hard as I had anticipated and I'm told I had a difficult instructor. You'll do fine if you did well in A&P-your study skills from those classes will help alot.


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I am sad to tell you that I have not done chemistry for about 17 years now and dont remember one single thing but I am very good at maths and so maybe I will cope.

I am a freshman at a university coming august 27, and I am looking forward for this opportunity because I am anxious to be a nurse. I really dont have a choice but to do well because I am no baby. I will be 34 in August.

Please pray for me.


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I'm in a BSN program, and we were required to take a year of chemistry before starting being accepted to the nursing program. I can honestly say that I needed it, and I'm glad that I took it. It really facilitates understanding of many physiologic processes and medical treatments (fluid and electrolyte balance & pharmacodynamics, for example). The algebra needed for chemistry is pretty basic though. I think, if you just brush up on it, esp. in the area of biological and organic chem, you'll be fine.

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