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Specializes in School Nursing, Ambulatory Care, etc..

I have the power to heal just by letting kids sit in my office!!!!

3rd grader came in after lunch, clutching his stomach, trying to vomit - gagging, making a real show of it. As soon as he realized it was recess time, he JUMPED UP out of the chair and said, "I feel better". When I told him I was going to let his teacher know he needed to sit out at recess, he didn't agree, "but I'm all better now".

I seriously am laughing out loud at this. For whatever reason, this one has me doin the crying laughing thing today!



Specializes in NICU; School Nursing.

I cover the health office during my health aide's lunch (my office is across the hall) and today she told me I must be much nicer than her because the second she comes back from her lunch break the "sick" kids no longer feel sick and hop up and go back to class. :roflmao:

Flare, ASN, BSN

Specializes in school nursing, ortho, trauma.

I always say that this is a place of miracles!! By simple suggesting that a kid try to poop, I sometimes feel like I have performed more miracles than a roadside tent revival.


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