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I am an RN and have been working with isnap since august 2013. I have restrictions on no narcotic access for 6 months after I get a nursing position. I am at a loss where to look for jobs and how to go about an interview. I am open to any position I just want to get back into nursing.


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What state is isnap in? What's your background? I have found work in dialysis, no controlled substances on the premises so very monitoring program friendly. Also since they do not have any narcs I believe that dialysis clinics/managers and the industry as a whole are used to and not afraid of nurses with past issues. If be happy to discuss more if you like. Interviewed at 6 places before a job offer. Very scary but worked out better than I thought.

Isnap is in indiana I would be very grateful to talk with you.


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Sure, pm me with any questions that you have. Im still less than a year into this but as I said I'm back to work and feel like I have a pretty good handle on how the whole monitoring thing works, in VA anyway. Glad to share whatever I can.

It won't let me pm you since I just joined


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Ok. What sorts of questions do you have? Can you tell us a little more about your particular situation? With my job search I didn't disclose HPMP on any applications or cover letters etc. I waited until the interview to do that. I just felt that once managers got the chance to meet me and ask any questions that they may have had about HPMP or my recovery it would go better. I have found that dialysis has been very recovery friendly. What kinds of experience do you have? Oh, I've also heard that many nurses have found work in things like insurance companies doing things like phone screenings.

I started in healthcare at 18 I ran EMS as an EMT and then went on for my LPN I worked in assisted living for the same company for almost 6 years while I worked toward my RN. Once I received my RN I worked on an ortho, Neuro, trauma floor for 6 months and hated it I left that hospital and went to another working telemetry and I loved it but I had some things going on in my life and I diverted drugs that were to be wasted. I was caught and fessed up and self reported to isnap. My license was put on indefinite probation which the Bon told me I could petition to have lifted after I complete isnap.


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You just have to apply apply apply. I think the most discipline friendly places are dialysis and nursing homes. I was hired in both. Dialysis ended up rescinding job due to HR but nursing home stuck. I looked for about 7 months and applied at well over 70 places and went on about 20 interviews. It's degrading and very painful reliving the experience over and over but you have to stay strong and persist. It's not easy and it's easy to give up but if you want it Bad enough you will get a job eventually. For every 100 no's there will be a yes is the phrase I've heard. Good luck.

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