Is 1 year exp. enough to start applying again?

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Hello All.

I am anxiously waiting for my 1 year mark to hit working at this hospital for my experience under my belt. The good lord knows how isolated I feel here in this state, and how stand still my life has become with me just being here, far away from family, and everything I loved just to get experience under my belt. I struggled in the beginning, being in such an unfamiliar place, but I turned this trial into a blessing.......But Im still anxious to get out of here. QUICKLY! lol.

I just want some insight from anyone, is 1 yr good enough experience to look for another job. Ive seen many places say 1 year experience required or so, but also seeing others aiming for 2 years atleast at their first hire.

Now it will be really sad if I have to stay here another year, not sure if i can really take that, but if need be, i will do it. but is 1 year really good enough as far as experience under the belt of a new nurse to get other jobs in this economy?

Thank You.

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I moved out of state as well to gain my experience and I started applying for jobs at the 10 month mark and I got a job fairly easy! Good luck and start applying ASAP! What state are you in and where are you wanting to go back to?

It varies a lot depending on what your expereince is in, are you applying to the same area in nursing and where you want to move. I relocated for a job also but I am at the 2 year mark nearly. If you want out that badly then start applying. Some places the hiring process takes a few months anyway.

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Ideally, if you can aim for 2 years experience, this looks more favourable to hiring managers. However, if you are ready to move on, start applying now. As mentioned, it may take 4-5 months from this point until you actually start the new job somewhere. Good luck :)

I am on a med surg unit that works with othopedic pts, neuro pts and telemetry step down pts. Ive done some certifications while im here to strengthen my skills and look on my resume. I am really ready to move on, like beyond ready. Very!

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There is nothing wrong with applying. What is the worst that can happen? You won't get hired? already have a job! so start applying. I am sure if you apply near your family that all the recruiters will understand that you want to be close to them... GoodLuck!

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It's not as good as two years' experience, but much better than no experience. If you really want out, I'd start applying for work because you have nothing to lose...however do NOT quit your current job until you have an official job offer in hand.

I will start applying, I am working on my resume now and will start putting those applications in. Should I put on my resume that I am still currently employed? Im sure the employer will question me, if i am still working for a hospital, why the change, so should i put that i am still working with a hospital but just looking for another job? or just list the hospital without telling them if i am still working with them or not.

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Yes, you should indicate that you're currently employed. Generally, prospective employers expect that candidates ARE employed somewhere while they're searching. It's never a wise idea to quit before you have a job. Just be honest and say you're looking for a change.

thanks so much. because I am definitely looking for a change.

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I heard they want at least 1 year but they don't count the first 3 months because most people are on orientation for that time... so more likely to get interest in your experience at the 18 month mark. But I totally understand why you would want to get outta dodge :-)

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OP, I can relate. I moved over 2000 miles away from friends and family 2 years ago, in order to pay loans and gain experience. I like my job, detest small town life. Although I'm ready to pack up, I plan on staying another 8 -10 months. Why? I'm building my nest egg, and I want more options available. 2-3+ years is ideal for positions I want. But that's me. We all have our breaking points. If you can stay longer, stay. However, if you really feel the need to move on, then do so.

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