Is it worth it to pay the $100 TEAS study guide from ATI


Debating to just do the books or pay for the books & the online study guide.


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Do you have a link to this on the ATI site? The only thing I knew they offered was the book and practice test online. If you are talking about the 115 dollar package that includes the Study manual (book) and the A and B practice exams then I would say the money is worth it as the practice tests give you a good indication to where you are and give you a detailed result telling you what you need to work on. It also allows you to get familiar with the way the TEAS is going to be.

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I plan to buy the package because it's a really good deal. I regret not buying it 2 years ago when I took the TEAS V. I am retaking mine January 17, 2017 to raise up my score. Hoping it will be a bit easier!


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I didn't buy the online study guide package but I bought the official study guide book from Amazon, and you definitely want to buy this. I don't recommend using books by other "non-official" publishers. By the way, you have to buy the new study guide for the new ATI TEAS. This is from the official website: Is there a new TEAS being released?

Yes, on August 31, 2016 ATI will be releasing the new TEAS called the ATI TEAS. The TEAS V will be retired at that time. Students taking the exam on or after August 31 will need to purchase the sixth edition of the TEAS study manual. Please contact the program you are applying to for more details.