Is it worth getting my Masters in Nursing??

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Hi everyone!

Just curious to see if it would be a better opportunity for me to pursue my masters in the future, does anyone have their masters in Nursing and found it to be worht it? Is the pay that much higher then just having an BSN??

Thanks :)

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The pay is not always higher. In fact, some jobs that require a Master's pay less than some staff nurses with ADN's make. But some jobs that require a Master's DO pay considerably more.

More important ... is that the variety of types of jobs available to you open up considerably with a Master's. Educational jobs, advanced practice jobs, upper-level management jobs, etc. often require a Master's Degree. Some of those jobs pay very well: others do not. Many of them have better working conditions and better work hours than staff nurse jobs.

So, it comes down to the type of work you want to do and the career path that interests you. The academic degree itself doesn't guarantee you more money -- but it opens up some possibilities that Do make more money.. The amount of money you earn depends upon the particular job choices you make.


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I am planning to take the masters route, and I can say that I'm not really doing it for the money. I am doing it for the education. I would like to become an advanced practice nurse and I'll need the education to do that. If it brings more money, I certainly would not complain (I mean, who would?), but that is not my motivation. I want to be the best possible nurse I can be and take care of my patients.

Do you know any nurses that have their masters? Talk to them about it, ask them if they feel that it was worth it. Check with your instructors. All of the instructors at my school have their MSN, it's required for them. They may be able to give you some guidance.


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I feel the same way, its not so much the money part. I want to learn as much as i can about Nursing and become the best Nurse I can be by furthering my education. I am only 21 and im just starting to do my prereq' at a community college and then transferring to University of Miami. I hope to possibly become a professor in the long run, so maybe getting my masters would benefit me with that. How was nursing school for you? Was it as bad as everyone says it is? How was your experience as a new grad working for the first time as an RN?

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If you intent to remain in nursing - go for your MSN. It will open doors to you that otherwise are unattainable. In my part of the country, MSN is a requirement for Directors, and many Managers - and it is not unusual for these jobs to command $100k in larger facilities. CNS jobs can also be very rewarding, if you are in the right setting. NP jobs (MSN+ post grad work) vary widely, depending on the setting.... they really need to LOVE what they do. If you don't like administration or the demands of a clinical setting, you should take a look at Informatics or Education as a focus.


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Hey there RNtobe, I'm still a nursing student myself. I can tell you though that nursing school is not a cake walk, however, you can make it more difficult for yourself if you don't keep up with reading, pay attention, study, etc. It's really what you make of it. I seriously feel that if you are at a school that you think is so easy you are either A) a genius (and good for you!!) or B) at a school that might not give you the best education. School (any school) should be at least somewhat challenging, but that's my opinion and opinions are like elbows - we all have them! :lol2:


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It does pay in more way than one to have your Masters. Having a Masters degree can open doors career wise; however, any possible pay increase does depend on what type of Masters degree (eg. education, informatics,CNS, NP), they type of setting you work in, and the place/city/state where you work.

I personally do plan on going to get my masters after I graduate with my BSN (hopefully in 2012). I want to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner so I know I personally have to go back to school. When all is said and done I might get paid more but I would not be doing it for the money.

If you want to become a nurse manager( some hospitals esp. quite a few in lower NY require the applicant to have a Masters in Nursing or another health related field) or teach you should go ahead. If you realize that you want to specialize within a certain population.

In my opinion you should. It can only help you.

Good luck on your journey!!!!

We all say we don't do it for the money. but the money is the motive as much as your passion in nursing... just being real here...

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