Is working a cna job, and going to rn school manageable?

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I know I have heard from numerous amounts of people that working as a cna, entails to never going back to school feeling like your stuck.. I don;t want that to happen to me. I want to continue my education..Earn my r.n. title but do you think it's doable working as a cna and being in rn school.. Can it really me manageable..

Yes it is managable u just have to make urself do it i am 34 have 4 kids married work as a cna fulltime and go to school fulltime also. I have to make myself do it because it is a goal that i have always wanted to accomplish

Yes you can do it. I worked full time as a CNA while doing my prereqs. I still work as a CNA, but now I only work the noc shift on weekends since I'll be starting the BSN program this fall. There are plenty of people out there who work full or part time while attending nursing school. If they can do it, you can too. Just make sure your work doesn't start affecting your studies, but I do know there are people out there who need to work to support their families. It's all about time management.

I know but the thing is work can sometimes affect my studies I have tried it before. and I was going for straigh a's it didnt work out. I am that type of person who needs 100 percent focus on my studies only. I know the world is about work experience as well. I guess it wil lcome. My thing is if I don't get into the nursing program I will work as a cna first and work my way into the nursing field.. with experience..

I was the same way until I had my son 2.5 years ago. I worked as a CNA in a hospital and made decent money, but my grades were always not where they should have been. I felt I had plenty of time and could always drop a class or simply retake it. Then my son came and quickly I became a single mom and things were not as easy as they were before. I stopped working( I recieved unemployment) and was able to focus on school and my grades got better. I was accepted into an BSN program and will be graduating next May. My unemployment ran out a while ago and my school funds are running out, now I have to work again. This summer will be as many hours as I can, but in the fall and spring will be working fri nights and sometimes sat nights only. I will never make the mistake again of letting work become more of a priority over school. It's not worth it and time goes by pretty fast. Years will go by and you will still be a cna. If you can afford it work part time or not at all, it will pay off in the end. I truly believe that I would not be where I am now if I would have stayed on the path that I was on before I had my son.

wow thanks you so much you are so inspiring/ I think in this world now a days you have to work and go to school.. I just like putting all focus into my education first...

From what I've seen most of the younger generation CNAs are in school too. I'm 27, single mom to a four year old, work as a CNAI in home health and go to school full time for nursing(I get pinned July 31!!) to me you don't get "stuck" you have to have the determination and drive to know where your going and enduring all that comes your way! Go for it!!

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