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Is 3 weeks long enough to study for the PN-NCLEX?


Hey everyone!

I'm in a 2-year RN program and i'm eligible to take the PN-NCLEX after Dec... I had to repeat a L&D class this semester so It's been awhile since skills, fundamentals and pharm. I will only have about 3-4 weeks to study before I take the NCLEX and i'm totally unsure if thats enough time to review/study for this??? ALso, any pointers on what I should concentrate on while studying? I have both the PN Saunders and Lippcott.

Thanks peeps!

Yes, three weeks is long enough for some people, others need three months. It just depends on how well one tests and how well things sank in from nursing school. Can't predict the questions, so you should concentrate where you feel you are weak.